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Travel Inspiration Holiday Destinations Where The Pound Is Still Strong Post Brexit

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As the fallout from the BREXIT vote still needs to be determined, UK holidaymakers might be wondering what kind of impact this will have on their trips and if they’ll have to resort to beans on toast for breakfast. 

Fortunately that’s not the case as FairFX has revealed a new list of holiday destinations, where the British Pound can still get you a full continental breakfast without breaking the bank.

Happy trekkers in the Sacred Valley, Cusco region

Here are 10 destinations where travelling on the pound still goes a long way!

10. Tanzania

Price Of Breakfast: £ 0,34 – 1,02

The Big Five, Kilimanjaro National Park and balloon safaris in East Africa are still a great expedition holiday.

9. Peru

Price Of Breakfast: £1,69 – 2,82

Like Tanzania, the South American country offers amazing vistas from seasonal winter capped mountains to classic Incan archeological sites, like Machu Picchu.

8. Norway

Price Of Breakfast: £3,58 – 6.26

The Northern Lights are still as awe inspiring as ever, as the Norwegian Krone rose slightly against the pound.

7. Mexico

Price Of Breakfast: £1,64 -4,09

Before Donald constructs a wall, stretch your legs on the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan or take a leisurely cruise along the Xochimilco.

6. Turkey

Price Of Breakfast: £1,04 -2,60

Ancient Mesopotamian ruins, isolated beaches and great coast drives all beckon you to the country where Europe meets Asia.

5. Brazil 

Price Of Breakfast: £2,81 -4,22

The Summer Olympics might peak prices temporarily in the South American country, but Sugarloaf Mountain still has a wonder of the world that needs to be ticked off a bucket list.

4. South Africa 

Price Of Breakfast: £2,04 – 3,57

For the first time in 2 years, the Pound has dropped below twenty South African Rands, but the hospitality stays the same as ever. Table Mountain, The Garden Route and Kruger National Park are all worth a trip to the south of Africa.

3. Zambia

Price Of Breakfast: £0,55-1,51

Just north of South Africa, Zambia’s wildlife and sparkling clean urban cities make for an ideal budget getaway.

2. Bhutan

Price Of Breakfast: £0,5 – 1,21

Bhutan is home to a fascinating and unique culture, stupendous scenery and a truly charming people. This small Himalayan state offers incredible trekking coupled with amazing cultural sites, like the Tigers Monastery. 

1. Argentina 

Price Of Breakfast: £1,51 – 2,51

Topping the list is a second South American country and according to the FairFX currency analysis, for every £500 exchanged, you’ll get 6,000 more pesos than 2013. A family destination where Mendoza Malbecs, Buenos Aires Tangos and Incan mummies will delight all.

Hikers in front of a lake in El Chalten National Park