Asian elephants blowing water out of trunks in Chitwan

Kandoo Ultimate

Many of our trips really are once in a lifetime experiences so make the most of your time away by seeing and doing it all in one go. The Kandoo Ultimate range delivers the adventure you would expect from Kandoo, plus a whole lot more.

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Trip code: JDUJ

  • Visit the foreboding fortress of Kerak, standing dominant over the settlement of Al-Karak.
  • Be awe inspired on a hike through the deep, red outcrops of the Wadi Rum desert.
  • Explore the hidden treasures of the ancient Nabataean city of Petra.
  • Discover vibrant, colourful fish whilst snorkelling in the exotic waters of the Red Sea.
14 days
Kandoo Ultimate


Trip code: NPUN

  • Take on the iconic Everest Base Camp Trek
  • Look out for the elusive Bengal Tiger
  • Immerse yourself in the chaotic cultural explosion that is Kathmandu
  • Relax in the comfort of our high standard Kathmandu accommodation
19 days
Kandoo Ultimate


Trip code: PRUP

  • Immerse yourself in the ancient traditions followed by the inhabitants of Lake Titicaca
  • Relax on board a scenic train ride through the Peruvian wilderness
  • Trek along the world renowned Inca Trail to the famous site of Machu Pichhu
  • Keep your eyes peeled for exotic wildlife in the dense, Amazon jungle
14 days
Kandoo Ultimate
Cheetah and air baloon in Serengeti National Park


Trip code: TZUT

  • Summit Africa's tallest mountain via the Machame route.
  • Embark on a 5-day safari through Tanzania's most popular national parks.
  • Take a balloon ride over the Serengeti.
  • Relax on the shores of Zanzibar for the perfect end to the trip.
18 days
Kandoo Multi-activity
wild orangutans


Trip code: IDUI

  • Search for gangly limbed Orangutans deep in the jungle of Gunung Leuser Park
  • Learn to dance - Indonesian style!
  • Summit the steep sided Mount Rinjani and reach it's crescent shaped crater lake
  • Kayak through crystal clear waters between mangrove forests and utopian islands
22 days
Kandoo Ultimate
Lighthouse in Patagonia

Argentina / Chile

Trip code: ARLF

  • Enjoy a guided tour of Buenos Aires
  • Explore Tierra del Fuego by boat and on foot
  • Spend the night in a traditional estancia (sheep ranch)
  • Climb to the base of the legendary Torres del Paine
14 days
Kandoo Ultimate