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Fitsmind Kilimanjaro Challenge 2018

Join the Fitsmind Challenge to climb Kilimanjaro

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 Kandoo are  delighted to have partnered with Fitsmind , the specialist online mental and physical training company, to bring you the FITSMIND Kilimanjaro Challenge 2018. Enquire about the challenge with Fitsmind here.

About Fitsmind

Fitsmind provide a mobile and online program that combines mental and physical training, providing users with a unique way to deliver improved motivation and willpower. The company is founded on the principle that improving health and well-being takes more than changing external appearances - instead to deliver meaningful, long-lasting health change, you must start from within, with the mind. This approach fits perfectly with our own ethos in which high-altitude trekking is not just about the physical challenge but the strengthening of personal character necessary to keep going when things get tough.

FItsmind was created in collaboration with Olympic athletes who have adopted mental practices for many years, not only to help their athletic performance, but also to overcome the other challenges and pressures that they face when competing at the highest level.

Climbing and mountaineering has always been central to their organisation. It was during a trip to the Himalayas that the two founders realised that climbing represented more than a physical challenge - over and above this, mountain objectives ignite the concept of mindfulness and mental strength, which are interconnected to overcoming challenges and the decisions people are confronted with each day. It was here that Fitsmind was formed. You can read more about how Fitsmind relates to high altitude trekking here (the blog article)

About the challenge

The Fitsmind group will climb the Machame route over 7 days. This climb takes 7 days, with 6 nights actually on the mountain. A day travelling either side makes it easy to fit into 5 days off work. We recommend this route as it offers good acclimatisation.  You can read more about the Machame route here.

The Machame route starts in jungle at the Machame gate and rises quickly to the second camp at Shira. It then turns east and traverses the southern side of Kilimanjaro un(l it reaches the camp at Barranco. From here, climbers take on the Great Barranco wall before finally arriving into Barafu camp for the final assault on the summit. Star(ng in the early hours, climbers get to see the sunrise over Africa before finally standing at Uhuru Peak on the roof of Africa.

The challenge should not be underestimated. While no technical climbing experience is required, it is very demanding mentally and physically and preparation is key. However, being equipped with your very own Fitsmind mental and physical training guide 3 months ahead of the expedition, and supported by a Fitsmind Coach in the lead up, we are very confident that you will succeed in getting to the top.

The challenge will run on xxx and places are limited so you book soon to reserve your place.

How does the Fitsmind program work?

In order to prepare you for the ascent of Kilimanjaro, 2 months ahead of the trip (or longer if preferred) you will be paired with one of Scandinavia's top coaches who will build a personally tailored mental and physical training guide.  Following an introductory call and some profiling questions, your coach will build your plan to ensure you . You will have access to this through your desktop, printed guide, or any mobile device.

Once started on your plan, your coach will monitor and follow up with you, to offer support, accountability and answer any questions you may have.


  • Choose from 2-5 workouts per week

  • At the location of your choice - in the gym, outdoors or at home

  • Fun & creative - more than 1,500 exercises offered

  • Each MAP workout consists of the following:

    • 1) Visualisation (5 minutes audio)

    • 2) High intensity workout (45 minutes)

    • 3)Awareness meditation (10 minutes)  

  • On top of this, you will also have short daily mental training activities - divided into weekly topics and learnings

  • Access to a host of other mental training resources to prepare you for the challenge

What are the benefits of mental training for this challenge?

Mental training, awareness-meditation and visualisation might seem like big topics, and they are! But there is nothing to concerned about, even if it is not something you have not tried before. Fitsmind have also simplified the mental training content through the use of short animation clips before you start each of your workouts.

Mental training should be for everyone. Fitsmind welcome all backgrounds and have worked with a broad range of people -  from teachers to pilots, students to triathletes, and many more. Once you train awareness and build resilience, it can have impacts not just on your physical activity, but your overall lifestyle and well-being. Fitsmind don't believe in quick fixes, instead in developing long term habits that extend beyond the life of the mountain challenge

What are the benefits of having a coach?

Although Fitsmind will welcome anyone to join the adventure, you need to be in good mental and physical shape once you land in Africa and really do need to put in the time to prepare. For some, this will not mean a full training plan, and others may have their own exercise routine, which may be enough. But for those that don’t think they have everything to prepare we strongly recommend signing up for a Fitsmind plan to ensure you are in the best possible shape.

Although Fitsmind offer only an online experience, they have proven that technology can only get you so far which is why they offer access to real life coaches for support. Each of Fitsmind’s coaches have passed tests on mental coaching and emotional intelligence and will always be on hand to support you every step of the way.

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