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Travel Inspiration Lonely Planet Describes Nepal as One of The Best Off-Grid Destinations of 2023

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Lonely Planet Nepal

In December 2022, Lonely Planet published an article detailing the 'Best Places to go Off-Grid Around the World in 2023'.

As well as Morocco, France, the Philippines, Iceland and the Dominican Republic, Nepal features on this illustrious list, specifically the Kanchenjunga Region.

Where is Kangchenjunga?

Kangchenjunga, also spelt as Kanchenjunga, Kinchinjunga, or in Nepali Kumbhkaran Lungur, is the third highest mountain in the world at 8,586m and lies in the Kangchenjunga Himal, an eastern region of Nepal. The Kangchenjunga massif is roughly cross shaped with and three of its five peaks straddling the border between Nepal and the Sikkim state of northeast India, Kangchenjunga is considered sacred by the Sikkimese. So much so, that when it was first climbed in 1955 Joe Brown and George Brand stopped just shy of the summit in honour of their agreement with the Chogyal, or royal family, of Sikkim at the time.

Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling, Sikkim

Why visit?

Lonely Planet describes this special region as the ‘unspoiled Himalaya in Nepal’s silent corner’, and Kangchenjunga as the ethereal mountain that, ‘rises amid a glacial garden of snow peaks.’

Sounds idyllic.

The article goes on to suggest that whilst 57,000 visitors trek to the Everest region of Nepal each year, a mere 900 make the journey to Kangchenjunga and those intrepid travellers that do are rewarded with stunning scenery, high peaks and true peace and tranquility.

Alternatives to Kangchenjunga

Whilst it may be true that trekkers flocking to Nepal means the hike to Everest Base Camp can be busy, most people you meet will be like-minded travellers and the opportunities for swapping knowledge, stories and resources brings a sense of camaraderie to this iconic journey that is an integral part of the charm of this destination. For iconic it is.

A region less travelled, but more accessible than Kangchenjunga, is the Annapurna region. Annapurna I is the most deadly mountain in the world, with only 1 in 3 climbers successfully managing to reach the summit and descend safely. More people have died climbing Annapurna than any other mountain.

However, you don’t have to climb Annapurna to visit the Annapurna range. There are two more iconic trekking routes here that are often missed by travellers – the Annapurna Sanctuary trek and the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Both routes explore the stunning and remote Annapurna massif, offering diverse terrain, incredible views and a much less travelled trekking route in Nepal than many others.

Hikers seeking peace and quiet should consider visiting Annapurna for a taste of more unspoiled Himalaya.