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Practical information


You will be accompanied by an expert guide throughout your stay. Armed with an abundance of experience and a wealth of expert knowledge our professional team know their country inside out. Our qualified guides are all English-speaking, all practising outdoor practitioners and all incredibly passionate about Norway, the country they live in for a large part of each year.



We are proud of the fresh and delicious food we provide despite being at a latitude of 68° North.
Each day begins with a hearty breakfast with plenty of tea and coffee. Each morning, you and your guide will prepare a picnic lunch for the day featuring local foods: sandwiches, salads, fruit, cakes and dried fruit.
Evening meals are prepared together with your guide based on available local products.
Kayaking & Hiking the Lofoten Islands:
During the expedition, our access to fresh fruits and vegetables is a little limited, but you will be able to eat freshly caught fish. During this trip you will have the opportunity to sample fish you caught from your kayak and local specialities prepared by your guide - a real highlight.
Summits of the Lofoten Islands:
During your stay, you will have the opportunity to taste grilled or smoked salmon (laks), water-cooked and fresh shrimp (reker/ferske reker) and cod(torsk).


Rorbu (plural: rorbuer) are comfortable, traditional cabins, used by fishermen from January to April. One house can accommodate 2 to 4 people, and includes kitchen and bathroom facilities. When showers require a fee, we will provide you with one token per person per day.
We provide good quality 3 man tents per 2 people, for maximum space and comfort. We also provide a large mess tent for mealtimes and as a communal area.
Please bring a sleeping bag (comfort level of 5°C is ideal).



Our trips include airport transfers and local transport. Local transport uses a combination of minibus and ferries.
Kayaking & Hiking the Lofoten Islands:
On our Kayaking & Hiking trip, much of our travel around the islands will naturally be by kayak, a truly wonderful way to travel between the camps and hikes, enjoying some stunning views en route. We use double kayaks for maximum storage capacity and stability

Local currency & budget

The currency in Norway is the Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Please budget for:

  • Any additional activities
  • Drinks and personal expenses
  • Any meals not included in your trip package (kitchen facilities, shops and restaurants available. Allow 290 to 390 NOK for a traditional meal in a local restaurant.
Visit for the latest currency converter and exchange rates.
You can withdraw the local currency from in-country ATMs and payment by card is widely accepted. 


Although the custom is not widespread here, if you are satisfied with the services of your guide and local team, tipping is always appreciated - it is not obligatory and should be left to the discretion of each individual.


Don't forget that alcohol and cigarettes are heavily taxed and therefore very expensive in Scandinavia. If you wish to enjoy an aperitif with your group in the evening we recommend purchasing duty-free products at the airport.


We strongly recommend that you take out personal travel insurance for your trip with us as soon as your booking is confirmed. We advise you to purchase a travel insurance policy which covers flight cancellations, loss of luggage and emergency health care. Please look carefully at which activities are covered by your insurer and do not forget to bring all necessary documents and information with you (name of the company, name of the contract, insurance policy number, telephone number)

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