From Reinebringen, panoramic view on Lofoten islands

Norway Travel Guide

What to see? About the region

  • Kayaking in fjords, Northern Norway

    Lofoten Islands

    One of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe, a combination of sea and mountain unlike anywhere else. You will see dizzying, sharp peaks, white sand beaches and fjords with turquoise waters. If you can take your eyes off the landscape, there is always the possibility of spotting killer whales and sea eagles.
  • Northern lights in Husøy, Norway


    Husøy is a village connected to the island of Senja via a 300 metre causeway. ..up until fairly recently it was only accessible by boat! The village covers the entire island of Husøy and with it's remote location is a brilliant place to view the northern lights.
  • Trolltunga, Norway


    This rocky promontory (the tongue of the troll) rises 400 meters above Lake Ringedal. While it takes around 10 hours of hiking to get there, you won't regret your efforts once you arrive at one of Norway's most photogenic places.
  • Jumping on Kjeragbolten


    Sometimes nature is full of surprises. How did this granite ball end up stuck between two vertical walls, suspended above a fjord? It is believed that the children of the trolls, living not far from here, were playing with it and accidentally got it stuck in this unlikely spot.

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