View of Cheserys lake/Lac De Cheserys

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The Alps

The Alps is known for it's picturesque paths weaving their way through alpine meadows and over stunning high mountain passes, to the tell tale clanging of cows bells. Here, the borders are defined by lofty peaks and the cultures blur together to create a strong regional identity, heritage and of course, cuisine - all of which add to a memorable experience. Follow the iconic routes that give this region it's name as an ultimate hiking  destination, from the sky blue hues of the Lac Blanc to the snowy peaks of the formidable Mont Blanc and friendlier Gran Paradiso. Whether you wish to experience hiking in France, Switzerland or Italy, the epic views and delectable local culture are prominent throughout this incredible landscape; an Alpine walkers' playground.

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Highlights in France

Charming city of Chamonix in the French Alps


The town of Chamonix at the base of Mont Blanc is legendary. An adventure seekers paradise. People from every corner of the globe flock here to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, trekking and rock climbing. Whether you want to do some gentle walking or climb vertical ice walls, Chamonix has it all. When you are not out in the mountains, be sure to eat as much delicious Savoyard cuisine as you can!

Climbing Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

The King of the Alps, Mont Blanc dominates the landscape around Chamonix. Standing at a whopping 4809m, its is not only tall but expansive, a giant marking the border between Italy and France.

Matterhorn in the Alps


The Matterhorn is the iconic peak of the Swiss Alps, the toblerone triangle, with clean cut geometry that can only be the work of the gods. It's chiselled ridges cut sharply into the alpine arena amidst which it sits, defining the ski area of Zermatt below.



The quaint alpine village of Trient is nestled on the Route de Forclaz and visited via the Haute Route. Traditional wooden valleys and mountain pastures surround a flamboyant pink church, set in sharp contrast to it's natural surroundings.

French Alps Mont Blanc

Aiguille Rouges Nature Reserve

Imagine waking up for a morning hike, and looking over Lacs des Cheserys. It may just be the best part of your tour of Mont Blanc. This is just one feature of the Aiguilles Rouges nature reserve. There’s so much more to see in this scenic, French park. Step quietly as you venture out, and you might also observe marmots, alpine Ibex, yellow-beaked chocards, even an ermine. The flora there is spectacular as well. This nature reserve has plenty of hiking trails, so pack a lunch, and be sure to spend a day there.

Grand Dixence Dam in the Swiss Alps

Grande Dixence Dam

The highest gravity dam in the world, the Grande Dixence Dam holds 6 million m3 of water and is 285m high. An engineering masterpiece this dam has created the beautiful Lac Dixence reservoir, passed by the Haute route that travels from Chamonix to Zermatt.

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