Hiking in the Grandes Rousses massif

Alps Travel Guide

Trekking in the Alps

  • How long does it take to hike the Alps?

    This really depends on what you want to do in the Alps. Our classic Tour du Mont Blanc is a 9 day trip with 7 days of trekking. We also offer a Best of Tour du Mont Blanc which is an 8 day trip with 6 days of trekking. These two treks will transport you into the midst of some of Europe's most incredible scenery. If you want something a little more extreme, you can climb to the summit of Mont Blanc on an 8 day trip with 6 days of climbing. This includes training and acclimatisation time for your hiking adventure in France
  • Is the Alps dangerous?

    Crime in the mountains is highly unusual. In the towns and cities you have the same risk of petty theft that you would expect anywhere in the world but at mountain huts the risk of your gear being stolen is extremely low. 
  • Which part of the Alps is the best?

    This is highly subjective! The western Alps that cover parts of France, Italy and Switzerland have the highest peaks. Famous mountains such as Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and the Eiger can all be found here. Further east you can find the Southern Limestone Alps covering parts of northern Italy, Austria and Slovenia. The famous Dolomites can be found in this area and offer some of the most striking mountain scenery in the world. 
  • Can you climb the Alps?

    The Alps are home to some of the most famous mountain peaks in the world. At Kandoo Adventures we offer a 6 day climb of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Western Europe and a 3 day climb of Gran Paradiso, the highest peak in Italy.  On each trip we provide expert guides and all the training you need to reach the reach the summit safely.  
  • Which airport do I fly to for the Alps?

    Our treks and climbs in the Alps all start in the French resort of Chamonix and we recommend you fly to Geneva Airport (GVA). Transfers from the airport to your hotel in Chamonix are included in the cost of your trip. The transfer time from Geneva Airport to Chamonix is roughly 1hr 15mins  (99km). 

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