Desert landscape near Wadi Rum

Jordan Travel Guide

What to see? About the region

  • View of Amman from the sky


    The capital of Jordan is a modern city dotted with ancient Roman ruins. Take a trip to the temple of Hercules or the 2nd century roman theater. With a population just over 4 million, this is the largest city in the Levant.
  • Sunset on the Red Sea


    Found in the south of Jordan on the shore of the Red Sea, the town has been inhabited since 400BC. This is a great place to relax on the beach or perhaps have a go at windsurfing or scuba diving.
  • Petra treasury in Jordan


    Dating back to 300BC this city carved into sandstone was once the capital of the Nabatean kingdom. The striking facades intricately carved into vertical walls attract thousands of visitors each year.
  • Ruins of Jarash in Jordan


    The northern city of Jerash is known for having the largest well preserved Greco-Roman ruins outside of Italy. Dating back some 6,500 years these architectural wonders display the amazing beauty of human feat in this historical Jordanian city.
  • Wadi Rum desert landscape

    Wadi Rum

    Known as the Valley of the Moon, the Wadi Rum is an amber desert landscape, with sandstone and granite rock formations standing tall amidst the otherwise barren lands. Lying in the South of Jordan, the Wadi Rum reflects the hot, dry climate that engulfs this area.
  • The Dead Sea

    Dead Sea

    The Dead Sea has the lowest elevation of any body of water on Earth, lying just over 400 metres below sea level. The high salt levels present in it's waters mean that little life can survive here, hence the name the 'Dead Sea'. It also makes it very easy to float due to the density of the water.

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