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Kandoo Adventures: June 1st 2020

Rental gear in Nepal

We recommend that wherever possible you use your own gear for your trek as this is the best way to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. Of course this recommendation applies particularly to boots! We recognise though, that the cost of some items is very high, and this may not be possible. 

We do not have gear available for rental but there are  places offering gear for rental in Kathmandu. Most of the rental shops close around 8pm, so anyone planning to arrive on a late flight the day before the trek starts needs to be aware that there will not be an opportunity for them to visit a rental store. If they are planning on renting equipment, they need to make sure they have factored sufficient time into their trip.

The quality of rental gear in Nepal is very variable and there is no particular outlet we can recommend although we can provide a list of suggestions.  It is your responsibility to select rental items and to check carefully the condition of any item you rent. We accept no responsibility for the quality of equipment hired. An indication of the likely rental costs is below

  • Four Season Sleeping Bag - $2 per day
  • Sleeping Mat - $2 per day (this will be closed cell foam mat, inflatable mats cannot be hired)
  • Trekking Poles - $1 per day
  • Down Jacket - $2 per day

Equipment for peak climbs

If you are climbing a peak you will need additional specialist equipment. This can be hired in Kathmandu and is also available to rent at lodges close to each base camp. Prices below are for Kathmandu rental. Prices in the lodges can be more than twice this cost. It is still cheaper though to rent from these lodges as you only need to pay for 3-4 days hire. You should be aware though that the range of sizes and the quality of rental gear available at lodges is even more limited than in Kathmandu and you may not find something that is perfect for you. 

  • High Altitude Climbing Boot - $3 per day
  • Crampons - $2 per day
  • Ice Axe - $2 per day
  • Climbing package (includes helmet, harness, carabiners, prusik loop, tape sling, ascender and descender) - $7 per day

Again, we strongly recommend you bring your own climbing boots as rental boots may be cold and wet from being used recently. 

An alternative to renting locally is to rent kit before you arrive and a number of companies providing this service can be found on the internet.

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