Armenia Travel Guide

What to see? About the region

  • the-old-town-of-dilijan


    Known affectionately as "Little Switzerland" Dilijan's Old Town boasts beautiful buildings in a tranquil setting.
  • upper-reaches-of-the-dilijan-national-park

    Tavush Province

    Located in the North East of Armenia, the Tavush Province is known for its rolling mountains interspersed with steep, limestone bluffs.
  • aerial-view-of-goshavank-monastery

    Goshavank Monastery

    Nestled amidst the forests of Dilijan, this monastery was originally built as a school in the 12th century to replace an older monasterial building, Nor Getik. One of the key players in the build was a statesman called Mkhitar Gosh, after whom the monastery and in turn, the village it looked over, were named.
  • haghartsin-monastery

    Haghartsin Monastery

    In 2017, Haghartsin monastery was incorporated into the Transcaucasian Trail trekking route. Perched at the top of a densely vegetated valley above Dilijan, this monastery was completed in the mid 13th century and houses a 16 faced dome atop it's architectural prowess.