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Armenia is creeping up to become one of the best kept secrets in long distance trekking. Delve into densely vegetated valleys, across sweeping limestone bluffs and past ancient architectural phenomena, to the warm welcome of friendly locals as they invite you into their homes. Here, a treasury of history and culture is scattered across the landscape. Follow breathtaking routes that journey through breathtaking National Parks, crossing borders and embrace the traditional customs of the Armenian people. Whether you wish to experience hiking in Armenia, the epic views or delicate local culture, these are all prominent throughout this incredible country.

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Highlights in Armenia



Known affectionately as "Little Switzerland" Dilijan's Old Town boasts beautiful buildings in a tranquil setting.


Tavush Province

Located in the North East of Armenia, the Tavush Province is known for its rolling mountains interspersed with steep, limestone bluffs.


Goshavank Monastery

Nestled amidst the forests of Dilijan, this monastery was originally built as a school in the 12th century to replace an older monasterial building, Nor Getik. One of the key players in the build was a statesman called Mkhitar Gosh, after whom the monastery and in turn, the village it looked over, were named.


Haghartsin Monastery

In 2017, Haghartsin monastery was incorporated into the Transcaucasian Trail trekking route. Perched at the top of a densely vegetated valley above Dilijan, this monastery was completed in the mid 13th century and houses a 16 faced dome atop it's architectural prowess.

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