Armenia Travel Guide


  • Is it safe to travel in Armenia now?

    The regions of Armenia that we travel to are considered to be stable and safe for tourists to visit. There is a risk of earthquakes in the region, however the last serious earthquake was in 1988. 
  • Is Armenia a tourist friendly country?

    The people in Armenia are famed for their friendly, welcoming nature. The country has a growing tourist industry and is is keen to welcome visitors.
  • Is Armenia cheap or expensive?

    The cost of a three course meal for two can be anywhere between ֏10,000-25,000 ($25-60). A taxi ride will generally start at ֏600 ($1.50) and add ֏100 ($0.26) per km, whereas a one way bus ticket for a 10 minute journey will be around ֏100 ($0.26). It is fairly cheap to eat out and travel compared to Western standards and if you are wanting to buy some souvenirs to take home then these generally cost anywhere between ֏2,000-40,000 ($5-$100) for gifts that will pack into your main bag.
  • Can UK citizens travel to Armenia?

    Travel to Armenia is visa free for UK and US citizens for up to 180 days. For other nationalities a visa may be required, please check this with your embassy. 
  • Is it OK to wear shorts in Armenia?

    In the cities and towns, Armenian culture is very relaxed and it is ok for tourists to wear shorts. In some of the rural villages, attitudes may be more reserved so bringing alternative clothing options is recommended. 
  • Is Armenia safe for solo female travellers?

    Armenia is a safe destination for female travellers. It has a low crime rate and the locals are extremely friendly, however some inequalities may still exist in rural areas. 
  • What money do they use in Armenia?

    The currency in Armenia is Armenian Dram (AMD) and it's symbol is ֏. For the latest exchange rates please see


    The Armenian Dram is an open currency so you will be able to exchange some money before you leave your home country and take it with you.