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Kandoo Adventures: December 8th 2020

Insurance for trekking in Nepal

Before you can join any of Kandoo’s Himalaya treks, you’ll need to insure yourself against accident, injury, and illness.

Make sure you're covered

Your insurance must cover the cost of helicopter evacuation and repatriation if necessary. Make sure your insurer knows of your travel plans, and verify that your policy fully covers your trek, climb, and any other activities you will participate in. Specifically, treks to Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Circuit require insurance coverage up to 6000 metres.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully and adequately insured for the duration of your trip. Please ensure that all activities, excursions and destinations in your itinerary are included in your travel insurance policy, in addition to your regular cover for cancellation and medical expenses.

We ask that you keep a copy of your policy summary (containing policy number and the emergency contact number for your insurer) in your day sack at all times, so that we can access this information should we need to contact the insurer on your behalf.

We recommend the global supplier of travel insurance, World Nomads. Make sure to add 'hiking up to 6,000m' on check out and be sure to read the small print carefully for any policy you are considering. Different policies provide different levels of cover, so make sure you understand what is and isn't included in your policy.

For peak climbs, which involve using fixed ropes and going over 6000 metres, we recommend you contact your national mountaineering organisation (BMC in the UK, American Alpine Club in the US) to get appropriate insurance coverage.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need travel insurance for Nepal?

In some areas of Nepal, it is mandatory to have travel insurance in order to participate in some of the tourist activities that Nepal offers. It is optimal to have travel insurance in the first place so that you can be covered for theft and medical issues while you are out of your own country.

How many insurance companies are there in Nepal?

As of now, there are currently 25 registered insurance companies that are located in Nepal. If you are searching for a certain type of insurance, it is best to research your options and find which insurance company is right for you.

Which is the best life insurance in Nepal?

The Nepal Life Insurance Company (NLIC) is listed as one of the best life insurance companies in Nepal due to having the highest paid up capital. The National Life Insurance Company (NLICL) follows close behind it.

What is the concept of life insurance?

Life insurance is meant to provide benefits to the contractor’s beneficiaries following their death in exchange for premium payments. This ensures that the family of the person who had the insurance is covered financially after their loss.

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