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Kandoo Adventures: November 26th 2020

Kandoo's recommended kit for trekking in Nepal

The defining characteristic of weather in the Himalaya is the combination of extreme heat and extreme cold in a single day. The best way to cope with these changes is to have lots of relatively thin layers that can be combined or reduced as the temperature goes up and down. 

You can download a full infographic of our kit list with links to the specific items of kit we recommend below. Also for when you are packing there is a printable checklist of all the items you need.  Please note that airline baggage weight restrictions for domestic flights in Nepal are 10kg for your main equipment bag and 5kg for your hand luggage. 

For peak climbs we will increase the weight allowance of your main equipment bag to 15kg. However, if the airline is unable to take the excess baggage on the same flight, we will need to re-pack your climbing kit separately so that it can be sent on a later flight. A porter will then catch up with you on the trek to deliver it.

If there are any items of kit you would prefer to hire please see rental gear.

Basic Equipment
Hands and Feet
Upper Body
Odds and Sods
Climbing Kit (peak climbs only - rental available)

Advice on all the kit you need for an Everest base camp trek

Frequently asked questions

What to wear when trekking in the Himalayas?

Trekking the himalayas means exposure to a variety of weather extremes. It’s a good idea to dress in practical layers, starting with lighter clothing items on the bottom and saving the thicker items to layer on top should you need them. This being said, never forget socks, underwear (and long underwear or thermal underwear), and some kind of jacket. 

What should I bring to Himalayan trek?

Make sure you have hiking boots, a backpack, three warm layers of clothing, a hat, hand gloves, sunglasses, a head lamp, snacks, water bottles, and a first aid kit. You may also want to bring some sort of painkillers, just in case. 

What should I bring to Kheerganga Trek?

Bring a torch, winter wear, water bottles, snacks, sunglasses, a hat, a first aid kit, and cash (debit is not accepted). 

How much does it cost to trek the Himalayas?

Cost depends on the number of trekkers and how long the trek is. These factors can make the trek range from 4500 Rs. to 15000 Rs. per person.

What pants to wear for trekking?

The pants you wear should be made of lightweight materials that dry quickly. This is especially true if you expect the temperatures to drop. 

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