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The Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus Mountains are arguably the best kept secret in alpine trekking. Delve into lush valleys, through flourishing meadows and over panoramic mountain passes, to the tell tale clanging of cows bells. Here, a treasury of history and culture creates a strong regional identity, enhanced by the gentle natured locals offering a warm welcome. Follow breathtaking routes that cross the borders between Georgia and Armenia, explore the wonders of the Kazbegi region and the traditional customs of the Svan people. Whether you wish to experience hiking in Georgia, Armenia or both, the epic views and delicate local culture are prominent throughout this incredible landscape.

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Highlights in Georgia


Mount Kazbek

The tallest mountain in Eastern Georgia, and a perfect step into high altitude sitting at 5054m, this gentle giant is accessible without any technical climbing experience.Standing proud in the Kazbegi region, Mount Kazbek is a glacier covered dormant stratovolcano that marks the border between Georgia and Russia.



Georgia's capital is an eclectic mix of Persian and Russian influence, with a vibrant old town, boasting ancient sulphur baths adorned with beautiful mosaics.



This community of villages is nestled at the top of the Enguri Gorge in the Upper Svaneti region of Georgia. A UNESCO heritage site, Ushguli's traditional Svan Towers perch on the slopes of Shkhara Peak, boasting the title as one of the highest inhabited villages in Europe.


Gelati Monastery

Gelati was founded in 1106 by King David IV making it one of the first monasteries in Georgia to be built. Although impressive structurally, it is the interior which holds the real wow factor, with intricate artwork adorning the entire ceiling.


Gergeti Trinity Church

Is there a more beautiful location for a church than this? With the backdrop of Mount Kazbek falling behind it, this high altitude church perches upon a hill in the Kazbegi region with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

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