Our team in the Caucasus

Our team in the Caucasus are based in Yerevan and offer a range of short and longer beautifully scenic treks for small groups. Working with local guides that have a passion for the area and it's unique customs, they will take you along remote treks in the Upper Svaneti region or help you to complete part of the newly developed Transcaucasian Trail. Your safety and the quality of your trips is their commitment.

Regular communication by our in country team ensures a continuation of good quality service, from the moment you book your trip until you step back on the plane afterwards. We modify our trips where necessary, adapting them to best accommodate our clients needs. Our guides are seasoned professionals, retrained every year to guarantee the highest levels of safety are in place.

The team in the Caucasus can't wait to welcome you in Georgia & Armenia!

Local experiences

  • Kandoo Trekking
    Hikers in Thorong, during the Annapurnas Tour
    Our core collection of treks and hikes, through some of the world's most outstanding landscapes


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A word from the team

We can't wait to show you this little known kingdom and make your trip to the Caucasus unforgettable.