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Cuba in a few words

Cuba is the largest of all the Caribbean islands and a true tropical paradise. Best know for its history, culture and white sand beaches but there is much more to discover here than you might expect. The Maestra and Escambray mountain ranges are home to beautiful rainforest, numerous endemic species and lofty mountain tops reaching 2000m above sea level. Hidden amidst the jungle you can find idyllic waterfalls and natural pools and even Fidel Castro's old command center from his guerilla war in the 1950s. Of course no visit to Cuba is complete without a tour of the historic squares of Havana, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba where the colonial architecture and classic cars whisk you back in time. Rum, music and cigar smoke fill the vibrant streets and the atmosphere is totally captivating. 

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Highlights in Cuba

Turquino Peak

Pico Turquino

Cuba's highest peak rewards those who reach its summit with breathtaking views of the surrounding ridge lines, rainforest and Caribbean sea beyond. It is a strenous climb through the Sierra Maestra to reach your goal but well worth the effort.

Stormy landscape in Cuba

Zapata Swamps

The Zapata swamp is not only the location of the infamous Bay of Pigs, it is the largest wetlands area in the Caribbean covering 450 square kilometers. Home to numerous endemic species found nowhere else on the planet including the Cuban Crocodile, Zapata wren and Zapata sparrow. The swamp is also habitat for the Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world.

Waterfalls in the Escambray Mountains

Sierra Escambray

The Escambray mountains near Trinidad are home to numerous waterfalls such as El Nicho, La Bella and Topes de Collantes. The streams cascade down the forested mountain sides and form stunning turquoise pools surrounded by greenery. If wild swimming is your kind of thing, this must be one of the best locations in the world.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Looking south over the Caribbean sea and surrounded by mountains to the north, Santiago de Cuba is the capital of this southern province. The city is famous for its lively festivals and colonial architecture and was first founded by the Spanish in 1515.

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