Man standing on rock in Torres del Paine National Park

Chile travel guide

What to see? About the region

  • Hiker in Torres del Paine National Park


    At the southern tip of the Andes mountain range, covering vast swathes of Chile and Argentina, the windswept and remote region of Patagonia has been enticing those in search of adventure for over one hundred years. It is a land of extremes, where vertical spires of granite rise up out of the landscape and glaciers cascade down the hillsides spilling enormous blocks of ice into turquoise lagoons. The national parks of Los Glaciares and Torres del Paine are home to some of the most strikingly beautiful mountain scenery anywhere in the world. Have you have always wanted to travel to the end of the earth and see what was there? Let Kandoo Adventures show you.
  • Vicunas in a Patagonian National Park


    Chilean wildlife is by far some of the most exotic in the world. The variety of landscapes and habitats ensures that wherever you go there will be an animal worth encountering...although this may not be said for a puma! Particularly in the remote environments that we visit, keep your eyes peeled as we step into the homes of some beautiful animals.
  • Tango sign, Santiago


    Chile's electric capital is known for it's indigenous people, fine wines and unbeatable location. The dramatic Andean backdrop also provides a good ski location in the winter months, very close to the city. Meanwhile, the Maipo river creates a natural border to the south of the city, flowing from the beautiful Maipo Canyon, a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Wild foxes in Patagonia

    Atacama Desert

    This arid landscape is the driest non-polar desert in the world. With a total area of 105,000 km2, the desert plateau covers the northern third of Chile and is home to lots of different wildlife including flamingos, scorpions and Andean fox, the regions largest predator.