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Kandoo Adventures: June 1st 2020

Flights to Peru and Machu Picchu

All our Machu Picchu tours begin and end in Cuzco, a wonderfully vibrant town that used to be the epicentre of the Incan Empire. Airport transfers are an optional extra for Inca Trail or Lares Treks, but are  included on other Peru treks,   but we do not arrange flights for our customers.

Getting to Cuzco from Europe and the UK

There are two good ways to get to Cuzco from Europe or the UK. The first is to fly KLM to Lima with a stopover in Amsterdam (check KLM flight options here). The second is to fly BA who offer direct flights from Gatwick to Lima.  Or Iberia who fly via a stop at Madrid.   From Lima you will have to get a domestic flight to Cuzco. Domestic airlines include LATAM, Avianca, Star Peru or Peruvian Air. We recommend flying with LATAM as their planes have the capability to land in the foggy conditions that can affect Cuzco and Lima. Most flights from Europe land in the evening, local time. Most flights for Cuzco don’t leave until the morning, so if you don’t fancy loitering in the airport all night (which we do not recommend), you’ll need an overnight stay in Lima.

Getting to Cuzco from North America

Trekkers starting off in North America have a much wider set of options. American Airlines and US Airways both offer flights into Lima, as do several other carriers. In addition to existing security measures at international airports, passengers MAY be required to show that the electronic devices in their hand luggage are charged up. You may therefore be asked to turn on any electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, e-books and laptops in front of the security team and/or demonstrate the item’s functionality. We recommend that any electronic devices that you are carrying in your hand luggage are fully charged before you travel. If you have any further questions then you should check with your departure airport.

Please Note: it is a requirement of joining any of our treks that you attend a pre-trek briefing  the evening before the trek begins. This gives our guides the opportunity to speak to you about your adventure, and sort out any last minute  queries or concerns. 

The briefing in Peru is held at 6pm and we recommend that you book a flight that arrives in Cuzco in time for you to attend the briefing. 

Whilst in Lima

If you plan to spend a day sightseeing in Lima (which we do recommend), consider booking a private tour with Peruvian Local Friend, an excellent local organisation run by our friends Alonso and Sarah, who will be happy to show you the best of Lima.

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