Sea kayaking among icebergs

Kayaking trips

It is a common misconception that previous experience is a requirement of booking one of our sea kayaking trips. The reality is, on most of our water based adventures you do not need any previous experience because our specialist kayak guides will provide all the training you need. If you want to paddle among icebergs, see whales breaching the surface of the ocean or just discover truly untouched wilderness, there really is nothing stopping you.

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Travelling by kayak in a wilderness environment is a totally different experience to moving on foot. You can access islands, remote peninsulas and hidden coves that would otherwise be impossible to reach. Camp out in inaccessible locations and have close encounters with marine life such as whales, dolphins and sea eagles. There is a certain peacefulness to gliding through the water, watching the landscape gradually change around you as you make progress, that is hard to explain. Spectacular scenery and the rhythmic spalsh of your paddles combine to create a restorative and almost hypnotic calmness.

We provide all the specialist equipment that you will need including kayaks, paddles, dry suits, buyancy aids, dry bags and all your camping gear. We place great importance on providing only the highest quality kit to ensure you have a comfortable and safe experience out on the water. Our guides are all highly experience, fully qualified and passionate about exploration by kayak. Many of our kayak trips do not require any previous experience but we also offer more extreme trips for those looking for a serious challenge.

Top 3 destinations

In Norway you can explore the beautiful Lofoten Islands, catching fish from your kayak and camping on white sand beaches. In Oman we discover the fjords of the Musandam Peninsula, the warm turquoise waters are home to dolphins and sea turtles and we spend plenty of time swimming as well as kayaking. In the polar archipelago of Svalbard, we provide a range of paddling trips from easy excursions to Kings Bay to our extreme 21 day Texas Bar expedition.

Other destinations

New for 2021, we are now offering kayak expeditions in west Greenland. Navigate your way in between drifting icebergs as you explore Disko Bay and make your way north to Pakitsok Bay and the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Our kayaking experts

At Kandoo Adventures we never hand over your experience to a third party. We operate all of our adventures ourselves so we can guarantee top quality equipment, highly experienced guides and flawless organisation. Click on the links below to learn more about our operation in each country.
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Don't just take our word for it - check out what our customers say about us on Trustpilot, where we consistently get great reviews and are rated the No.1 Tour Operator against 63 peers.

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Why you should travel with us

Your trip of a lifetime is so important to get right. All of our team in the UK and globally works hard to ensure you have an unforgettable adventure. With over 15 years of experience, Kandoo Adventures is dedicated to responsible travel and your safety, whilst delivering exceptional service.
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Local experts

We know our destinations in a way that is only possible when we run everything ourselves. In addition, our expert travel consultant team will take time to get to know you, your experience and your aspirations. This combined expertise allows us to select the best adventure trip for you.
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Taking on a challenging adventure should not mean compromising on safety. We are experts in all our activities and know all the areas in which we operate intimately. We know how to ensure people enjoy their adventure safely using the best guides, equipment and operating procedures.
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Responsible travel

At each destination, we have a dedicated employed team of people living in the local community. We provide them with good working conditions, and we ensure they grow with us personally and professionally. We are also developing local and sustainable actions where possible.
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Quality customer service

We constantly aim to provide service that exceeds our customers expectations every step of the way. This could mean a friendly face waiting at the airport, comfortable hotel accommodation or high-quality technical gear for our all our clients.