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Our team in Svalbard

Each year we send some of our most experienced and highly trained Altai guides up to Svalbard. To lead groups in this wild and remote environment where polar bears roam requires years of hard won arctic expedition experience. We keep a storage facility in Longyearbyen for the vast array of equipment needed for our expeditions from kayaks and tents to snow shoes and frying pans. From March to August each year we welcome people for cross country skiing, kayaking and hiking in this magnificent and pristine corner of the world.

At all times in Svalbard, safety is our first priority. To protect our guests from the freezing conditions we provide a wide range of specialist equipment including insulated overalls, glacier boots, gloves and dry suits. Every expedition on land or sea carries satellite phones, flare guns, SARSAT beacons, a comprehensive first aid kit and due to the presence of polar bears, your guide will always be armed withy a high caliber rifle. With the best safety management systems and procedures in place, you can explore this truly incredible region with peace of mind.

Up here in the frozen north our trips require much more participation from you than at other destinations. There are no porters, no cooks and no waiters here. You will be part of the expedition, assisting your guide with putting up tents, preparing meals and loading gear. At camp there is always one person on "bear watch" which is done in rotating two hour shifts through the night. You should come to Svalbard ready to play your part in real arctic expedition!

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A word from the team

We look forward to welcoming you in Longyearbyen! The most northernly settlement in the world where reindeer and bears roam and vast glaciers cascade down to the ocean between icy peaks. This is truly one of the most beautiful and wild places you will ever see