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About our open group treks

We run group treks on the popular routes throughout the Himalaya during the main trekking seasons. You can check out our group availability here.

We run our open group treks to the same high standard as our private treks and you get these great benefits you won't find elsewhere.

  • Group size limited to 10, any bigger and your enjoyment can be compromised
  • Once we have confirmed your booking it's guaranteed to run: we never have late cancellations
  • We have a very high guide to client ratio to ensure your safety
  • If you book early you can choose the start date and route for an open group trek

What are the differences between open group and private treks

Open groups

  • Our open group treks operate on pre-set dates and run exactly to the itinerary
  • We only offer equipment rental as tailor-made options on open treks, where applicable
  • Open groups will normally include a variety of friends, couples and singles. On most climbs everyone gets along really well but you have no choice of trekking partners
  • You are always encouraged to walk at a comfortable pace and the guides will support the slowest in the group

Private treks

  • Private treks can begin on any date you choose and are all operated as flexi-treks - you can amend the itinerary each day as you go
  • You can personalise your private trek with a range of tailor made options like personal porters, hotel upgrades, extra days to acclimatise, and even a helicopter for the return leg on certain treks
  • Private treks are generally groups of friends, family or workmates. Knowing each other before the trek normally means they form a really cohesive group

Whichever you choose though you will have the same totally dedicated team helping to ensure you trek safely and have a really enjoyable experience.

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