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At Kandoo, our guide and support crews are the life-force behind our operation. Find out more about our teams in each of the Himalaya countries we operate using the tabs above.  

All Everest GuidesWe have carefully chosen our guides to ensure that every trek is a safe and fun experience for all of our clients.

They all have many years of experience guiding in the Himalya, and are licensed by the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Both our climbing guides, Jyamchang and Pimba, have climbed and summited Mount Everest twice and are qualified to the prestigious IMG standard.

All of our guides come from the Sherpa region which sits at high altitude in the far East of Nepal near to the border with China.  Life in these villages is extremely tough and it is these conditions that produce the strongest, toughest guides who are used on all the Everest expeditions. 

Extended families are still normal in Nepal and through cross marriage between villages nearly everyone in the region is related. You will find that all our guides are cousins, second cousins, nephews etc. These family bonds mean that all the crews work together extremely well and are extremely trustworthy.


Our guides in Bhutan all have many years experience of trekking throughout the Bhutanese Himal. Like Bhutanese people in general, our guides have a wonderful way about them. They are super caring, informative and deeply respectful. 

Once you are on your trek, you should speak to your lead guide about any problems, whether it relates to food, equipment or health. We would much prefer you to sort out any problems with them on the spot, rather than allow them to spoil your trek. Your guide is in contact with the office if further assistance is required.

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