Hiking in the Teide National Park, Tenerife Island

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What to see? About the region

  • Hikers in La Palma island

    La Palma

    Nicknamed "Isla Bonita", La Palma is undoubtedly the most varied island of the whole archipelago. High peaks in the centre of the island give way to primary forest in the north and volcanic landscapes in the south. South American culture is very apparent on the island with Cuban and Venezuelan influences in its gastronomy and cigars.
  • Hiker in la Gomera Island

    La Gomera

    A small island just an hour from Tenerife, it is undoubtedly the one that has best preserved the rich cultural heritage of the Guanches, the first inhabitants of the island. Here the "silbo" persists, the whistling language and movements based on the salto del pastor where elegant shepherds jump from terrace to terrace at the end of their poles.
  • Hikers in the Teïde, Tenerife Island


    The largest island in the archipelago, Tenerife is best known for Mt Teide, the highest point in Spain at an altitude of 3,718 m, the ascent of which is a challenging hike. But Tenerife is also home to the primary forests of the Anaga massif, the Masca canyon and the cliffs of Los Gigantes. A paradise of surprising natural wonders.