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Packing list for climbing Kilimanjaro

During a day on Kilimanjaro the temperatures can easily range from the high 20's (centigrade) right down at night to -15c. To cope with this huge range in temperature your clothing and kit strategy needs to be based around combining lots of thin layers that you build up and take off as the weather demands. 

A full printable kit list can be downloaded below. Please note that disposable plastic bottles are not permitted on Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro National Park operates an absolutely strict limit of 15kg per porter for your main equipment bag, which includes your sleeping bag. This is more than sufficient for your needs on the mountain. Your bag will be weighed before you leave the hotel to start the climb and if it is overweight you will have to take items out and leave them at the hotel.


Heavy rains during April and May resulted in deep snow at the summit of Kilimanjaro. This has taken longer than expected to melt and the approach to the summit is still icy and slippery.  We recommend taking micro-spikes if you can as it will make it easier to climb. Conditions may well improve in the next few weeks, but it is very difficult to predict. 

 We do have micro-spikes for rent once you arrive, so please do not rush out and buy them if you don’t already have them. The team will have the most up to date information on conditions and will let you know at your pre-climb briefing if it is advisable to use the micro-spikes.


Basic equipment
Hands and Feet
Upper Body
Odds and sods

All the kit needed to climb Kilimanjaro safely and comfortably

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