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Kandoo Adventures: June 1st 2020

Your Kandoo Kilimanjaro guides

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Having the right crew behind you when you climb a mountain like Kilimanjaro is vastly important. It is the crew that makes the difference between an attempt being an amazing, once in a lifetime experience, and an utter disaster.

We make it a point to staff every climb with the best guides available, to make sure that each ascent benefits from the best leaders on the mountain. They have been responsible for 1000s of successful summit attempts between them and they make each ascent safe, enjoyable, and more likely to succeed.

We make sure that no party goes up the mountain without at least one guide for every three clients, to ensure that each client gets the personal attention they need to reach the summit safely, and have the kind of experience they’ll remember forever.

Every one of Kandoo’s expert guides is licensed to guide climbers by Kilimanjaro National Park, and each makes many ascents each year. We never sub-contract out any of our climbs so that we can ensure that you have the safest, most successful, and most enjoyable Kilimanjaro experience.  Furthermore, each of our guides is fluent in English, Chagga and Kiswahilli.

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In order to be certified, all of our guides received extensive first aid training, and take regular refresher courses to stay at the top of their game. They can recognise serious altitude sickness when it does occur, and act quickly by descending back down the mountain as soon as possible, which is the only safe treatment. We have an established protocol for handling any emergency on the mountain, including rescue and evacuation procedures should they become necessary.

The lead guide works with a team of porters, cooks and assistant guides who will support you on your Kilimanjaro challenge. Climbers are often surprised at just how large the crew is, for example, two clients on a seven day ascent, have a total crew of 13 comprising one lead guide, one assistant, one cook and  ten porters. The reason there are so many porters is firstly, it is a full camping expedition so everything needs to be carried from sleeping tents, mess tents, tables, chairs and cooking utensils to clients' duffle bags, food for both climbers and crew, and fuel to cook. Secondly, we strictly adhere to the KINAPA Park and KPAP Regulations regarding maximum weights for porter's loads. 

Kandoo is a proud member of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP), which works to ensure that all porters are well looked after and equipped, and receive a good wage for their hard work. KPAP is part of The International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC) who created the scheme in order to recognise tour operators who actively practice and are committed to the fair treatment of their porters and crew.

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