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Great value open group climbs

Our maximum group size is just 10, bigger than that and safety is compromised.
All our group climbs are guaranteed to run, we have no late cancellations.
We provide a very high guide to client ratio: always more than 1 to 3
The same fantastic guides, gear and food as on our private climbs

At least once a week during the main trekking season we run an open group climb. This is nearly always on a 7 day route which offers the best chance of success. As we say above there is no minimum group size - the maximum size is 10 - and so once a climb is booked it is guaranteed to run. All our group availability is shown below.

Choosing between an open group climb and a private climb?

Depending on the numbers, the extra cost to have your own private group will be between £500 (for a single person) down to £50 for a group of 10 or more. Besides cost the other things you might consider are:

Open groups

  • Our open group climbs run on pre-scheduled dates and stick exactly to the published itinerary.
  • The only tailor-made options we offer on open climbs are equipment rentals.
  • Open groups generally include a mix of singles and couples: most times everyone gets on really well but you do not get to choose your climbing partners and a snorer in the next tent can be very irritating.
  • We do not operate open group climbs during either the long or short rainy season as there are generally insufficient climbers to put a group together.
  • On open climbs we have one guide for every two people and you are encouraged to walk at your own pace. Inevitably though if you are slower than others in your group you might find this is an unwelcome pressure.

Private climbs

  • Private climbs start when you want and you can flex the itinerary as you go along if you want to.
  • On a private climb you can book a range of tailor made options like additional acclimatisation days, hotel upgrades or personal porters
  • Private climbs are always groups of friends, families, colleagues or classmates. Knowing each other before the climb normally means they bond well on the mountain and work hard to support each other.
  • Private climbs operate all year round and we have had some great successes in the rainy season. The mountain is very quiet and just as how it rains in the dry season, so it is often dry in the rainy season.
  • Private climbs have the same guide ratio but generally as people know each other well you do not have the same issues between the hares and the tortoises.

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