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Kandoo Adventures: June 1st 2020

Climb Kilimanjaro for Charity

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime while raising money for your favourite charity
Summit Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and one of the famous "Seven Summits"
Join one of our existing group climbs or organise your own group for an exclusive private climb
Return exhausted but exhilarated with the most fantastic memories of fun, friendship, hardship and achievement

Kilimanjaro charity challenge climb

Why choose Kandoo Adventures for your Kilimanjaro charity challenge?… 

Passionate about adventure and experts in our field, the team at Kandoo have over 10 years experience of helping climbers summit Kilimanjaro. And with a success rate of over 98% and hundreds of outstanding reviews you can book your challenge in confidence. This is why, every year since we started, more and more groups have chosen Kandoo to organise their Kilimanjaro challenge.

This has included challenges for famous names  like British Airways and Walking With The Wounded, major US charities like The END Fund and hundreds of events for individuals supporting charities like the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK , Asthma UK and WWF.


“I can’t say enough about how much the knowledge, professionalism, experience and wisdom of the guides ensured a wonderful experience for all…” 

Heather Haines | THE END FUND

Key to our approach is that we are the only UK based tour operator that does not subcontract any of its trekking operations to a local land agent. This means we employ our own guides that we have recruited and trained, we use our own high quality mountaineering equipment and our trekkers eat menus designed and planned by us to give you that all important energy.

As a UK insured company we are required to carry out regular risk assessments for our own insurers and this also means we are well placed to assist you if you need to arrange insurance for your charity project.

Talk to us about your thoughts and ideas for any event or fundraising initiative. We can help with the specification, training, kit and fundraising to meet your needs. 

Kandoo's unique support package for Kilimanjaro charity climbs

  • We provide expert advice to help you plan your challenge, everything from choosing the best route to what kit you need and how to get there
  • You can climb for any charity you choose with 100% flexibility on fundraising
  • You can choose whether you join an open group or have your own private climb
  • You pay an extra low deposit of £100 per person to book your climb
  • Booking direct with the operator means you get great prices as there is no middle-man so even more of the money that you raise goes to your chosen charity.
  • And of course your supporters can follow you all the way with our live facebook updates on Kandoo Adventures.

Kandoo operate a self-funded model so all of the money you raise from sponsors goes to your favourite charity. Just set up a fundraising page on a charity platform like Just Giving or Virgin Money and you will be able to collect and raise money for your chosen charity by promoting your challenge to friends, family and colleagues. 

Which route should I choose for my Kilimanjaro challenge?

When you have spent a lot of money, trained hard and travelled a long way to complete a challenge then you want to do everything possible to ensure you are successful. If, on top of that you have raised lots of donations from friends and family and everyone back home is supporting you, getting to the top becomes even more important.

But whatever the pressures, summiting should never be done at the expense of safety and the most important decision you can make to help ensure you reach the top safely is choosing which route to climb. Success on Kilimanjaro is 80% about acclimatisation (the other 20% is fitness and determination in equal measure!) and in order to acclimatise well you need a route that gives you sufficient time and which offers the chance to "climb high-sleep low". These are the two golden rules of acclimatisation and for this reason we recommend all charity groups climb over 8 days on the Lemosho route.

We have a fantastic success rate on this route and it is also one of the most beautiful routes on the whole mountain. So start your charity planning from a strong base by choosing this route.

When is the best time to plan a charity challenge on Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro sits very close to the equator and variations in temperature over a year are relatively small. It does however have two rainy seasons, a long period in April and May and a shorter period at the end of November. You should really avoid either of these periods as the difficultes of climbing increase dramatically if the weather is bad. And of course, if there is rain lower down it will be snowing at the summit and this can make things very hard.

The main Northern Hemisphere summer holidays are very busy periods on Kilimanjaro and if you can avoid these you will have less traffic on the routes and quiet campsites. This makes the shoulder months of June/July and September/October great months for a trip.




Ready to get your adventure boots on?...

Please contact us for more information. Download our Charity Challenges brochure or if you have already signed up for one of our challenges feel free to use our editable poster to promote your adventure with colleagues, friends and family. 





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