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Kandoo Adventures: June 1st 2020

About the food you will have when camping

It’s important that you stay well-fed and hydrated on your trek as you will be burning lots of energy each day, and you will need to refuel regularly.

A typical day’s meals

  • Breakfast is fairly hearty, and usually includes porridge, eggs, sausage and toast with jam or marmalade. You’ll have a choice of teas, coca, coffee or hot chocolate. If you are still hungry please let your guide know and he’ll make sure the cook whips up something more for you. That being said, our cooks generally make more than necessary.
  • Lunch is either a hot cooked lunch depending on your itinerary or is packed for you, to carry in your daypack. A typical packed lunch is a boiled egg, sandwiches, a portion of chicken, crisps, snack bar, fresh fruit and a drink. A cooked lunch could include popular Peruvian rice dishes, stir fries and carb / protein rich meals
  • After a day's trek we usually serve afternoon tea with snacks like peanuts, popcorn and biscuits.
  • Dinners are always a big cooked meal. They usually begin with a nice soup, and then a main course such as fried chicken, stir fries, fresh vegetables, and plenty of rice, pasta or potatoes, followed by a delicious dessert such as pancakes with maple syrup or nutella!

By default, our meals include fresh fruit and vegetables every day. If you have special dietary requirements or are a vegetarian, please inform us when you book so we can plan a suitable menu for you.             

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