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Our Partnership with Friends of Conservation

We work with Friends of Conservation to offer our travellers options to reduce of the environmental impact of flying. 

Friends of Conservation (FOC) is an international charity with nearly thirty-five years experience in the field of conservation. Their aim is to protect endangered wildlife by working closely with local communities.

In addition to operating their programmes they work with a partners in other African countries  as well as Central and South America.

Offsetting your carbon emissions on a Kandoo Adventure

FOC run a carbon offsetting programme which supports  energy and forestry programmes in Kenya They also work on projects managed by their partners involved in renewable energy activities in Asia, South Africa and South & Central America.

Flying, like any activity involving the use of fossil fuels produces CO2 and other emissions, but the impact can be somewhat reduced by adopting various energy saving measures, as well as choosing to travel responsibly.

FOC have a simple way of working out what you need to offset your flight here FOC’s Offset Calculator.