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Kandoo's  work with Friends of Conservation to reduce climate change

Recognising the many benefits that travel brings, we have partnered with Friends of Conservation to offer our travellers the opportunity to mitigate some of the environmental impacts of flying by supporting community and conservation initiatives.

Friends of Conservation (FOC) is an international charity with nearly thirty-five years experience in the field of conservation. Their aim is to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats by working closely with local communities, offering practical support to help them utilise natural resources more sustainably.

In addition to operating their own community and conservation programmes in Kenya’s Masai Mara region, they work with a number of like-minded partners in other African countries including Namibia and South Africa, and further afield, for example in Asia as well as Central and South America.

Their mission statement is to: “Join with local people and partners to support sustainable ways of living in harmony with wildlife, ecosystems and the environment”

Offsetting your carbon emissions on a Kandoo Adventure

FOC run a carbon offsetting programme which supports their own alternative energy and forestry programmes in Kenya; as well as projects managed by their partners involved in wildlife and habitat acquisition, conservation and renewable energy activities in Asia, South Africa and South & Central America. In addition to reducing levels of atmospheric carbon, these programmes also provide a number of social, economic, educational and environmental benefits for local communities.

Flying, like any activity involving the use of fossil fuels produces CO2 and other emissions, but the impact can be somewhat reduced by adopting various energy saving measures, as well as choosing to travel responsibly.

There are many different types of carbon calculators available and whilst some give specific calculations for each destination, there are a number of variables which are not always accounted for. This could include the type of aircraft used; the number of passengers (in business/economy), the route taken or the number of intermediate stops. Friends of Conservation decided to adopt a simpler ‘Carbon Zoning’ approach, which enables travellers to make a donation relating to the approximate amount of CO2 generated when flying to a particular region.

For details of the offset calculation please visit FOC’s Offset Calculator. The suggested contributions are based on the approximate levels of CO2 expended on an average flight, with the cost per tonne of carbon taken from industry averages. Flight information is provided by TICOS, now part of Beyond Carbon. See more at Friends of Conservation.