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Top 7 Instagram Travel Blogger Accounts You Need To Follow by Burnham Arlidge 6th October 2015 Advice on the best instagram travel bloggers

Our favourite Instagram travel bloggers

Instagram is now one of the biggest social media sites in the world and attracts over 300 million active users a month. Through the melee of travel bloggers posting amazing photos and offering unique and eclectic accounts, we have found the top 7 that, in our opinion, shine out above the others. Here they are.


Nomadic Matt is currently running the highest ranked travel blog site in the world and it's easy to see why. He is a wealth of information when it comes to travelling on a budget! Author of New Yor Times best-selling book "How to Travel the World on $50 a Day", his mantra is "tomorrow is too late to start your travel". Check out his website at



Kiersten is a fun blonde living the dream as she travels from place to place across the globe. Also an award winning solo travel blogger, Kiersten offers up great fashion tips, awesome pics and some very helpful little travel snippets! Check out her blog at



Jodi Ettenberg describes herself as a Celiac eating and writing her way around the world. All we know is her blog and Instagram account is seriously cool! Telling stories through food is Jodi's mantra and if you're into your cuisine, Jodi may just be the person to follow. Check out her blog at



"Why have I been traveling for 4 years? Because I'm curious about our planet. I want to take risks, meet interesting people, challenge myself, learn new things, explore the world, and learn more about myself in the process". We can't describe Matthew any better, except that his photography is pretty awesome! Check out his website at



Ryan will constantly make you feel jealous. Simple as that. His free and wandering lifestyle take him from one beautiful destination to another and his photos are there to prove it. Great photographer, great writer and an awesome travel blog makes this guy one to follow. Check out his website at



Raised in America and living in New Zealand, Liz's account makes you want to pack your bags and move to New Zealand! Gorgeous story-telling and some pretty nice stunning photos make her Instagram account one of our favourites! Check out her blog at



'Cool' and 'quirky' are the best words to describe Sabrina's account. Seriously, just check it out. We love it! Gorgeous photos from all wacky and weird places are the real highlight and we'll be following Sabrina for some considerable time to come! Find her blog at


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