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The Top 6 Nepal Instagram Accounts by Burnham Arlidge 9th October 2015 Advice on the top Nepal instagram accounts to follow

The Top 6 Nepal Instagram Accounts

Now one of the largest social networks on earth, Instagram attracts over 300 million active users a month. At Kandoo, we love the mountain space, and have therefore, put together an awesome list of Nepal Instagramers!

These Instagram accounts demonstrate the very best of Nepal, from its gorgeous landscapes to its unique and friendly culture. We hope this list will inspire you to visit Nepal and create some wonderful pictures and memories for yourself.

1. @Nepalphotoproject 

The Nepal Photo Project was put together just hours after the devastating earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015. This account is a mighty effort to help those lost or in need through photography. Great cause and great account - please follow them!


2. @Insta.nepal

Inst Nepal captures stories, issues and moments through photography. Its cultural images are both gorgeous and inspiring and this is certainly one Nepal account you can't afford to miss!


3. @Natural_nepal

Natural Nepal is both beautiful and evocative. Its focus on every day people makes the photos more real and the account is a melting pot of culture, tourism and landscape.


4. @Jai_nepal

The Jai Nepal account offers beautiful landscape imagery. Pure and simple. In a country like Nepal, there is no shortage of great shots to be found and Jai Nepal finds them all! Very cool account.


5. @Nepal8thwonder

This account is your all-rounder Nepal page. Beautiful mountainous scenes combined with some awesome portraiture make this account one of our favourites! Look out for some of their cool videos also!


6. @Awesome_nepal

Awesome Nepal is a really beautiful account with photos bursting with culture! If you want a sense of what the community is like in Nepal then please follow this page!


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