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Our Timeline


Komela is a small, Tanzanian village not too far from Moshi and home to several of the porters who assist Kandoo Adventures on our climbs. Until 2015, Komela lacked a supply of clean running water, so we set up project 'Asante Kandoo'. During the project, everyone in the village, children included, worked together to dig a channel running from the fresh water springs to Komela. Eleven rolls of piping were bought and laid in the new channel to create a water supply network. In just two weeks, a main water supply to the village was installed, from which the villagers could then run further supplies into their own homes.

The small, rural village of Hongong, (pronouced Hungung), home to the Bhote ethnic group and the main village from which Kandoo Adventures’ Nepal crew originate, a landslide had wiped out 2 school buildings and the playground. At the request of the community, Pimba Tenjing – our Country Manager in Nepal – raised the issue with us. With the help of the Kandoo Foundation and nearly every adult in the village, helping to dig and move rubble, we flattened a playing area the size of a small football field. As a result Hongong got a brand new and – crucially – flat area that now serves both as a sports area and playground for the school and an open space for communal events. The project also provided a fortnight’s paid work for around 400 villagers; which might not sound like much, but was enough to sustain their families for six months.


On the back of supporting the villagers in Nepal, The Kandoo Foundation was created. Funded and managed entirely by Kandoo Adventures, the Foundation invested in projects that benefitted communities in the destinations where we operated. This supported several projects before being dissolved in 2018. 


In 2017, the Kandoo Foundation was able to buy and distribute 1,500 mosquito nets to help protect the friends, families and relatives of the people who support us on our climbs in Tanzania. Potentially, that’s 1,500 lives protected against Malaria, all at the expense of a minute three dollars per net.


In Nepal the winters are bitterly cold and many rural communities have extremely low economic development, resulting in children growing up in poorly insulated homes with little sources of heat. Families are unable to provide warm clothing as this is an expense they can't afford. Our Nepalese manager Pimba Tenjing, once again worked with community in his rural village to provide 150 fleeces for the local school. Providing the school fleeces ensured that all the children in this village had a warm item of clothing for throughout the winter months.   


In 2023, Kandoo gained another member of the Product team which allowed more time to be allocated to building up the sustainability of our trips and destinations. To kick things off, a partnership was initiated with the Robertson Outdoor Bursary, who provide funding for porters in Tanzania to complete their guide award schemes.


The Kandoo Partnership is developed.  Through the Partnership we are donating a sum of money each year to several charities and projects in the countries that we work in to promote the standards of living and create a positive environmental impact in these areas. To learn more about how we are doing this please visit our Kandoo Partnership page.

We have also been hard at work, calculating our Carbon Production for each trip and have chosen several regulated offsetting projects with which guests are able to offset the carbon for their trip. We also provide a carbon calculator with which guests are able to offset their flights to and from the destination. We are open and honest about the carbon we produce and provide detailed information on our calculations and the processes we follow on our Carbon Reduction page.