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Kandoo Adventures offer a unique affiliate partnership programme for travel bloggers and agents around the world. Earn up to US$100 per converted trekker and never lose out on commissions due to expired 90-day cookies or offline sales. Unlike traditional travel affiliate programmes that rely on cookie tracking and online sales within a set time, the Kandoo programme puts you in the driving seat. We use a unique lead generation system that gives you full visibility of your leads and where they are in our sales system.

There is no cookie time limitation in our affiliate programme and every sale (online, offline, telephone etc.) is tracked using a unique code that we apply to your leads when they enquire. 

How the Kandoo Adventures affiliate programme works

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! 

  1. Once you are accepted onto the programme we setup a personal landing page for you to collect leads
  2. When a visitor on your website fills in your landing page form, the lead gets tagged with your unique code
  3. We track the lead throughout the sales process and when it converts we pay up to US$100 per converted trekker

Programme Benefits

  1. Earn up to US$100 per converted trekker
  2. We will build and brand your landing page to fit your audience
  3. Detailed monthly reporting
  4. Dedicated affiliate account manager

Sign up as a Kandoo Affiliate today!

To apply to our affiliate programme please email info@kandooadventures.com with your websites URL. One of our team will contact you once we have evaluated the suitability of your website.

Frequently asked questions about our affiliate program

How much money can I earn in commission with Kandoo?

It really depends on how many leads your website can generate. Our most successful partners earn over US$3,000 per month.

Are there special criteria one needs to meet to join the Kandoo Adventures Affiliate programme?

Yes. We evaluate all partner applications carefully for fit and relevance with our trekking tours. Most partners we work with have established websites in the travel space, with a specific bent for adventure.

How frequently do you pay out commissions?

We pay all commissions due in the first week of the month. Commissions are only distributed on converted leads that have paid their tour in full. Commissions on converted leads that have not paid their tour in full will fall into the following month or into the nearest preceding month once full payment is received.

What if one of my leads takes 12 months to convert to a sale?

Our sales system tags your lead with your unique code forever. This means that if the lead ever converts the commission will always be assigned to you. The tracking code is deactivated after a sale so any subsequent sales to an already converted lead will not be assigned to you.

What if one of my leads is for more than 1 person?

Enquiries for more than one person are very common. The landing page we build for partners includes a field to capture how many people the enquiry is for. When a sale is taken all trekkers associated to the primary lead are counted towards your sale. For example, if an enquiry from your site was for 4 people and it converted, the total commission could be up to US$400.

Do we offer different commission rates for our various tours?

Yes. Our commission rates by tour breakdown as follows:

  • Aconcagua: US$100 per converted trekker
  • Kilimanjaro: US$80 per converted trekker
  • Machu Picchu: US$60 per converted trekker
  • Himalaya Treks: US$60 per converted trekker

Any other questions?

Please email info@kandooadventures.com and we will respond as soon as possible.