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Tips for your Kandoo crew

Before you book a trek with Kandoo, please review the information on tipping customs using the country tabs above, and make sure you are comfortable with it.


Kandoo is a member of the Nepal Mountaineering Association. The NMA works to regulate the climbing and trekking industry in Nepal, especially by training and licensing guides and setting the standard for the wages and other compensation guides and porters receive. We are committed to meeting or exceeding all NMA standards, and to providing emergency evacuation insurance for every member of our crew.

The NMA recommends tipping at a rate of $15 (£10) per day per guide, $12 (£8) per day per cook, and $8 (£5) per day per porter. These figures are per group, not per person and where necessary should be adjusted for longer or shorter treks. 

Just to be clear, tips are not seen as a substitute for regular wages. Kandoo pays all of our crew members a good wage that is higher than NMA's recommended levels.

Please note that in Nepal, old or damaged US dollar notes are not accepted

Tipping is not approved by the Bhutanese tourist board. However, it has become customary practice to tip the guides, cooks and porters who have assisted you throughout your trek. The decision on how much to tip should be determined by how well the team served you while you were on the trek. Tips are always discretionary and if you are not happy with the service you have received you do not have to pay tips.

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