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Finland in a few words...

Finland is the ultimate winter off-grid experience.  The majority of it's northern regions are covered by densely forested landscape which creates a tranquil, remote environment interspersed with voast expanses of frozen lakes of which it has over 160,000.  With it's northern lands lying within the Arctic circle, Finland is one of the world's most northerly countries. This wild and wonderful place is not only great for it's ice fishing and dog sledding. The stunning natural landscapes of Finland are quite simply awe-inspiring, and home to a surprising amount of rare and endangered wildlife such as brown bears, lynx and wolverine whose unique habitats are nurtured and protected by the indigenous Sami culture who have roamed these lands for centuries.

If you have a longing to get off-grid and step away from civilisation, where nature rules supreme and winter lays a blanket of silence over the landscape... you may find that a Finland adventure is just what you are looking for.

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Highlights in Finland


Hossa National Park

An expansive national park boasting snow covered boreal pine forests, frozen lakes and plenty of trails.



Helsinki, Finland's capital is the second most northerly capital city in the world...it only gets beaten by Reykjavik in Iceland.



Rovaniemi is best known for its dog sledding and reindeer. The classic Lapland wonderland it is a popular place for families to visit.



Levi is the perfect destination for a long skiing weekend, brilliant snow conditions, beautiful scenery and opportunities to see the northern lights at night.

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