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Trekking in Georgia

With the Caucasus Mountains spanning the north and south of the country, Georgia is a spectacular trekking destination. Approximately 85% of the total land area of Georgia is mountainous – that’s a lot of mountains, and with lots of mountains comes lots of hiking trails. This abundance of mountains and trekking routes has seen walking holidays in Georgia become more popular than ever. It’s here that the most spectacular scenery can be found, alongside some of the best hiking trails in Georgia.

From challenging hikes through remote mountainous regions such as the Transcaucasian Trail to easy day-hikes in the shadow of spectacular snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, there are treks and hikes in Georgia to suit most ability levels. With scenic paths that weave through alpine meadows over stunning mountain passes, Georgia boasts remarkable trekking landscapes and yet the country remains a lesser-known destination in the trekking community. We expect this will soon change!

In this guide we’ve listed some of the best trekking regions in Georgia, the best months to hike and our top 5 hiking trails in Georgia to help you get the most from your Georgian adventure.


The Best Trekking Regions in Georgia


The Svaneti Region is situated in northwestern Georgia along the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Svaneti is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Georgia, boasting picturesque stone villages, lush green valleys, waterfalls and snow-covered mountains around every turn. This region of Georgia offers a variety of trekking trails from easy day-hikes to multi-day adventures so there is something for every ability here.

The main advantage of trekking in the Svaneti Region is that villages are located densely enough for “guesthouse trekking” meaning you can spend up to 10 days trekking without having to sleep in a tent. Unsurprisingly, the Svaneti Region is one of Georgia’s most popular visitor destinations due to its accessibility in terms of transport links. Despite this, Georgia remains one of the best kept secrets in European alpine trekking and you shouldn’t encounter overly crowded trails.


The Kazbegi Region lies in the Caucasus Mountains north of Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, and beneath the famous Mount Kazbek (5,033m). Mount Kazbek is nicknamed ‘The Bride’ by locals because the mountain is often hidden behind a veil of fog. The official name of Kazbegi town is Stepantsminda though the names ‘Stepantsminda’ and ‘Kazbegi’ are used interchangeably, with most people referring to the townlet and surrounding areas as Kazbegi (the name given by the Soviets in 1925).

One of the main advantages of trekking in this region is that Kazbegi is under 4 hours from Tbilisi by car, with the famous Georgian Military Highway bridging the most scenic, high altitude stretch of the road. With well-trodden hiking trails, spectacular mountain views and an expanse of fresh air all within close proximity of Tbilisi, the mountainous region of Kazbegi should be on your radar. If you’re planning a trip to Georgia that starts in the capital, a side trip to Kazbegi is a must-do.

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is one of the largest national parks in Georgia, spread out over the Lesser Caucasus Mountains and three of the country’s regions: Imereti, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Shida Kartli. The park has a fantastic variety of natural landscapes, historical and architectural monuments, medieval villages, resorts and settlements. Together with adjacent Borjomi Nature Reserve, the total area is 851 square kilometres, more than 1% of the total territory of Georgia.

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park has 12 marked trails of varying different lengths and difficulty with most trailheads located within 30km of Borjomi town and a few others near Abastumani and Kharagauli. This network of trekking routes in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park allows for one and multi-day hikes. Visitors to the park can also enjoy horse riding, cycling, snowshoeing, cultural and educational tours as well as hiking the many well-maintained trails during their time here.

Best Time of Year for Hiking in Georgia

Georgia has a very diverse geography and climate for such a tiny country – the east differs vastly to the west, while the different mountain regions and coast have their own microclimates. Eastern Georgia has a Mediterranean-like climate, while the west of the country and Black Sea Coast has subtropical conditions. Despite this, one thing the whole country has in common is that the weather can be quite temperamental and gusting winds can take the temperature down in a matter of days. There are four seasons in Georgia and while summer lingers well into September in many parts of the country, areas of higher elevations have prolonged winters that dampen the trekking season.

The best time of year for hiking in Georgia depends on the region and route though generally speaking, the main trekking season in Georgia runs from July to September. In the mountainous regions, the season starts from early summer and continues till early autumn. Summer is prime time for trekking in the Georgia mountains as the wildflowers are out and daytime temperatures are pleasant. Most mountain trails remain accessible through September and into early October with warm breezy days, crisp nights and clear skies ideal for walking holidays in Georgia.

The months between November and March are considered the low season for trekking in Georgia. Winter in Georgia sees heavy snow in the mountainous regions that often blocks roads and popular Georgia hiking trails. Such weather conditions mean trekking in the winter is only possible in national parks but depends entirely on the weather and conditions at the time. What’s more, spring in Georgia sees very unpredictable weather with gusty winds across all the country and so the months between April and July are better suited to hiking at lower elevations and exploring the cities.

5 of the Best Treks in Georgia:

1.       Transcaucasian Trail

In recent years, a small group of enthusiastic locals have been creating a trail that allows trekkers to explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Caucasus mountains, visit hidden gems and experience Caucasian culture. They have named this route the Transcaucasian Trail. Stretching over 3,000km, the trail passes through Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, offering a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty and cultural diversity of this part of the world.

The Transcaucasian Trail takes you on an unforgettable journey through a variety of terrains, weaving through the beautiful snow-capped Caucasus mountains. On this adventure you’ll trek through dense forests, picturesque alpine meadows, rugged mountain passes and encounter glacial lakes along the way, making it truly one of the best hiking trails in Georgia.

Kandoo Adventures Transcaucasian Trail trek offers a 14-day itinerary that explores some of the most beautiful landscapes the trail has to offer. Crossing the border from Armenia, we follow a scenic route through remote towns and villages, discovering the sweeping passes and abundant nature of Dilijan National Park. We then cross into Georgia, visiting the ancient sulphur baths in Tbilisi before journeying into the Caucasus mountains where we explore the landscape of the Kazbegi region.

2.      The Svaneti Region

The Svaneti Region in Georgia offers a wide range of hiking trails of varying different lengths and difficulty. Only very few people climb the highest peaks in this region because they require technical mountaineering experience. The most popular climbing peaks in Svaneti are Mt. Laila (4,008m), Tetnuldi (4,858m), Banguriani (3,838m) and Ahalgazrdoba (3,702m). Then there is Mt. Shkhara (5,193m), the highest mountain in Georgia and Mt. Ushba (4,170m) which is considered the deadliest mountain in the Caucasus Mountain Range.

But exploring the Svaneti Region isn’t all about climbing the highest peaks. For those wishing to explore the rugged, natural beauty of a forgotten landscape where the only others around are the nomadic farmers, Kandoo Adventures Trek the Svaneti Region trip is the easier of our trekking tours in Georgia. This adventure follows an 8-day itinerary that guides you through the remote landscapes of the Upper Svaneti, traverses the foothills of the mighty Caucasus Mountain Range and crosses through alpine villages boasting the traditional architecture of the Svan people.

3.       Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is one of the largest national parks in Georgia located 160km from the nation’s capital of Tbilisi. Not only can the park be easily accessed, but it also hosts some of the best hiking trails in Georgia. With well-marked paths, visitor shelters, picnic spots and camping sites arranged along all trekking routes, Borjomi-Kharagauli is a great trekking destination for all abilities.

The easiest route is the National Park Information Trail which is 3km and about 90 minutes in total. Starting from the park’s administration building, you will see beautiful views over the Borjomi spa-resort then after a 600m hard ascent the trail straightens and circles back to the starting point.

The Footprint Trail is 13km, taking approximately 6 hours and is rated average difficulty. This popular hike in Georgia starts in Likani River valley where you will witness panoramic views as well as the Mariamtsminda Church, ending in the Kvabiskhevi valley.

The most difficult hiking trail is the St. Andrew Trail, a 54km route that can take up to four days to complete. The trail goes along a river valley followed by a narrow path up to mountain slopes with beautiful views of the Lesser Caucasus, up to the peak of Sametskhvareo Mountain (2,642m) and down through Mountain Iron Cross before following the river valley back to the starting point.

4.       Mount Kazbek

Climbing the magnificent Mount Kazbek, which stands proud in the deep valleys of the Kazbegi region on the border between southern Russia and north Georgia, is an epic introduction to mountaineering. It is both the most beautiful and most climbed peak of the Caucasus Mountain range. At 5,054m above sea level, Mount Kazbek dominates most peaks in Europe, making conquering its summit a very attractive challenge.

Our Climb Mount Kazbek trip in Georgia is the perfect challenge for those looking to complete their first 5,000m peak and are prepared to use crampons and pick up an axe. Following a route less-travelled into the Caucasus, we ascend upwards through alpine meadows, watching as the white-topped summit gets ever closer. Summit day involves a steep, final climb which makes for an unmissable experience.

5.       Chaukhi Pass

Chaukhi Pass is a popular trail connecting Juta village in the Kazbegi region with the Khevsureti region in northern Georgia. Many hikers are drawn to this route due to its views of the towering Chaukhi Massif with its seven sharp peaks and necessity to scale 3,341m high over the Chaukhi Pass. That being said, you will need plenty of trekking experience to complete this route.

Depending on how you plan to trek this route, it can take 1-2 days. The route is approximately 17.5km, trekking through alpine meadows and weaving through the sharp peaks of the Greater Caucasus mountains. Starting in Juta you should be able to complete the route in 8-9 hours, but the hike is best tackled over 2 days with a night camping at Abudelauri Lakes.

At the other side of the pass, you will find meadows with intriguing rock formations (the Roshka stones) the Abudelauri lakes – 3 alpine lakes with different colours (green, blue and white). The descent from Chaukhi Pass to Abudelauri Lakes in extremely steep with sections of loose shale, so it is advisable to tackle this trek from Juta to Roshka and not the other way round.

Georgia is a spectacular trekking destination with a variety of trails to suit all levels of trekking ability. At Kandoo Adventures, we’re adventure travel experts and are knowledgeable on all things trekking in Georgia. We believe the best way to experience all this country has to offer is on one of our trekking tours in Georgia. Working with local guides that have a passion for the area you will be trekking in, our team in the Caucasus are committed to your safety so you can immerse yourself in a new culture with total peace of mind. Our Georgia adventures are also full board whilst trekking and you will stay in comfortable accommodation. Choose Kandoo Adventures and discover Georgia with like-minded explorers seeking unforgettable adventures.