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Adventure Activities in Morocco

Visiting Morocco is synonymous with exploring souks, bartering in Marrakech, relaxing by the sea, trying tagines and camel back riding through the Sahara Desert but these are not only what Morocco is known for. In addition to lively towns, fragrant markets and the ever-present calls of the Muezzin, Morocco is home to Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in Morocco, north Africa and the Arab world. Yet even climbing this 4,000m peak is not the only adventure available in this exciting country.

Yes, trekking across mountains that skirt the desert is super exciting and endlessly rewarding but did you know there are a whole plethora of other adventure activities in Morocco on offer. Don’t just wonder what to do in Morocco, start planning your next trip here now.

Read on to find out more about how to get the adrenaline pumping in this eclectic Arabian country. We not only list what adventures are available here, but also where to go in Morocco to experience them. Trying to narrow down where to visit in Morocco is your next job and with so many options to choose from, you’re going to need plenty of time to squeeze them all in!

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Surfing – Taghazout

It might not be the first destination that springs to mind when wondering where to catch your next wave, but those in the know have been visiting the Atlantic beaches in Morocco for decades. The village of Taghazout in particular is a hotspot for surfing in Morocco as it offers a variety of surf depending on what you’re looking for. Of note, Anchor Point, Hash Point and Killer Point (eek!) all have relatively quiet breaks and it is said that you can ride a 2km wave just north of Taghazout in the right conditions.

At around 19km north of Agadir, roughly a 45 minute drive, Taghazout Bay is easy to get to and there are surf hire shops, surf schools and cafes offering kit and refreshments for visitors. Interestingly, not far from here are the Argan fields where Argan is grown for Argan oil or head inland to Paradise Valley – more on that below. As a more low-key place to visit than Marrakesh and Agadir, the Berber village of Taghazout is the perfect place to surf, relax, unwind, try some yoga and catch some waves.

Cliff Diving – Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is approximately 35km inland north of Agadir and surrounds the Tamraght River in the High Atlas Mountains. This area is so known as it is an idyllic hidden valley of peace and tranquillity, lush vegetation and turquoise waters. It is popular with locals so arriving early or avoiding the weekends is a good idea.

The drive here is dotted with small Berber villages and the scenery is beautiful. You can either join an excursion group, take a taxi, hire a local guide or go it alone as you prefer. There is a bit of a scramble across rocky outcrops and boulders but once you find the water, it is the perfect place for cliff diving into deep blue pools or wild swimming through the crystal clear waters.

Kite Surfing – Essaouira

South of Agadir is another coastal town, Essaouira, which is much bigger than Taghazout but is home to a fantastic kite surfing bay. Kite surfing in Morocco might not be an obvious activity to try here for the first time but there are much worse places to spend a week that in Essaouira. The large, picturesque cove is home to sandy beach and blue waters and offers the perfect wind conditions to try your hand at manoeuvring a parachute whilst hooked into a surfboard like board. To recover from your endeavours on the water, stroll along the coastal walls of the old town, explore the markets and gorge yourself on fresh fish, cooked whole. This pretty town is a firm favourite of the Kandoo crew.
Windsurfing, Morocco

Paragliding – Agadir

Grab a different kind of air by Paragliding in Agadir. Paragliding is where you jump off a slope and ride the thermal currents in the air with a large, free-flying glider. You can do this by being pulled by a vehicle or launching off an elevated point. This is a super popular activity to try in Morocco and the sky above Dweira Beach is often filled with gliders floating elegantly (for the most part!) above the blue seas below.

Agadir is a bustling city and the gateway to the Atlas Mountains. From here you can try a whole host of adventure activities, explore the surrounding regions or simply relax and enjoy all the coast and cuisine Agadir has to offer.

Paragliding, Morocco

Skiing – Oukaïmeden

Did you know you could ski in Morocco?! I bet you didn’t. But it stands to reason that with high mountains peaks comes snow and ice, so yes there are ski resorts in Morocco. Who knew!

The main ski resort in Morocco is Oukaïmeden which is in the Atlas Mountains, around 80km southeast of Marrakech and not far from Mount Toubkal. The resort sits at an altitude of 2,600m to 3,200m, has 7 ski lifts and approximately 10km of slopes to explore. This is minute compared to ski resorts in Europe and the US but nevertheless is a fun activity to try on your way to or from Toubkal. The resort caters to both skiers and snowboarders and offers panoramic views of the surrounding Atlas Mountains.

Quad biking – Agafay Desert

If you’re short on time and want to have a play in the Sahara Desert, head to the Agafay Desert and jump on a quad. Quad biking in Morocco will give you the opportunity to explore the endless sandy desert landscape with a powerful engine to take advantage of. At just 40km southwest of Marrakech, you can visit here for the day and jet across the moon-like landscapes to your hearts content.

The Agafay Desert is a popular weekend destination for the adventure seekers of Marrakech who come here to ride horses across the desert, camp out under the stars or escape the bustle of city life.

Quad Biking, Morocco

Trekking – High Atlas

The High Atlas Mountains in Morocco offer excellent trekking opportunities. Mount Toubkal is an awesome peak to climb with no technical experience needed, unless you choose to climb Toubkal in Winter, in which case you’ll need crampons and ice axes to navigate the snow and ice. Whether you prefer the summer or winter ascent, the summit rewards all those who reach her with breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and the rest of northern Africa beyond. The team at Kandoo Adventures are particularly fond of trekking in Morocco as the opportunity to experience Moroccan hospitality and culture, before, during and after your trek is a unique and the chance to meet, eat with and trek with the Berber people is unforgettable.

If you’d like to try a different kind of trek in Morocco, why not head out into the Sahara Desert instead? Trekking through the Sahara may seem extreme but with Kandoo you’re in safe hands. Camp out under endless starry skies, sample desert cuisine cooked over fire and visit iconic landscapes, some made famous in the movies, as you explore the surprisingly rich and varied terrain of the outer Sahara Desert.

Winter ascent of Toubkal
Visiting Africa for the first time may seem daunting, but joining an adventure tour group with Kandoo Adventures is a great way to get out on your own and make some new friends at the same time. We are often asked, is Morocco safe? The answer is, yes of course! Many visitor destinations have their less savoury districts and haunts but the advantage to joining a group trip is that solo travellers can meet up with other solo travellers and explore new places within the safety and comfort of a group of like-minded individuals. Our local guides will take you to all the best bits and ensure your time in Morocco is fun-filled and never scary.

So what are you waiting for?! Book your Morocco adventure with Kandoo now!