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Rocking Our World - The Top 10 Instagram Landscape Photographers by Burnham Arlidge 24th September 2015 Advice on the best landscape photographer instagram accounts

Our favourite Instagram photographers

With over 300 million active users a month, Instagram is now at the forefront of social media. Instagramers all over the world are posting amazing photos and, if you think you're a good photographer, quickly have a look on Instagram to make sure. Iv'e seen more than one wannabee photographer pale at the realization of the depth and skill of many Instagram accounts. Still, through the melee of great shots, certain Instagram accounts are so good that they manage to shine through above all others.

If you love the mountain space as much as we do, here are the top 10 Instagram accounts that we think you should follow! Remember, these guys are professional photographers and all images below are the property of the photographer.

1. Chris Burkard - Instagram account: @chrisburkard

Chris is a self-taught photographer who captures lively landscape scenes. His beautiful images have earned Chris quite a reputation and he now has more than a million followers! Check out his website at


2. Callum Snape - Instagram account: @calsnape

Callum Snape has attracted a huge following through his clear, crisp and stunning wilderness and mountain scenes. Callum is a freelance photographer from Calgary, Canada, and really captures the spirit of adventure through his landscape photography. Check out his website at


3. Tomas Havel - Instagram account: @tomashavel

Professional landscape photographer and adventurer, Tomas hails from the Czech Republic and began photography from a young age. He has a knack of being in the right place at the right time and produces some of the best night time shots you'll see!


4. Jacob Moon - Instagram account: @moonmountainman

'Life begins at the end of your comfort zone' is Jacob Moon's saying and this guy is certainly no stranger to adventure photography! Based in Utah, Jacob is actually a nurse who spends all of his free time photographing the wilderness. Check out his website at


5. Scott Kranz - Instagram account: @scott_kranz

Based in Seattle, Washington, Scott is a writer and photographer with a passion for the outdoors. His beautiful, crisp photos of the rugged outdoors make you want to pack up your things and see the world! Check out his website at


6. Taylor Burk - Instagram account: @taylormichaelburk

Freelance photographer, Taylor Burke, is a Canadian adventurer with a love for the outdoors. His photos are simply, beautiful and incredibly inspiring! Check out his website at


7. Shane Black - Instagram account: @shanemichaelblack

I really love this guy. Shane's photos create incredible contrasts and vivid colours that leave you staring at them for far too long! Shane has a great passion for timelapse images and also creates wonderful videos which can be viewed on his account. Check out his website at


8. Stevin Tuchiwsky - Instagram account: @stevint

Taking his love of photography off the beaten path, Stevin's photos take you deep into the wild where the rugged landscapes are captured in all their beauty and serenity. Check his website out at


9. Tim Kemple - Instagram account: @timkemple

Director, Photographer, Climber, Skier, and Vagabond is how Tim describes himself. All we know is that he's a seriously cool landscape photographer with some pretty sick climbing skills! Check out his website at


10. Andy Best - Instagram account: @andy_best

Adventure photographer and film maker, Andy's compositions, colours, contrasts and subjects are simply gorgeous and it's easy to see why this guy has worked for some of the biggest companies in the world! Check out his website at


If you fancy checking out Kandoo's new Instagram account then you can find us at

This entry was written by Burnham Arlidge , posted in General

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