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Toilets On Kilimanjaro - Private vs. Long Drops by Burnham Arlidge 6th June 2016 Advice on the toilet facilities on Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro's toilets!!

Are you thinking about how you 'do your business' on Kilimanjaro? Look no further, here is all the information you need about toilets on Kilimanjaro.

The long drop

While climbing Kilimanjaro, there are always going to be public toilets at each camp site. These are known as 'long drop' toilets. They are wooden permanent buildings that look like...well normal public restrooms. But inside... it's quite different as they are just a deep dug hole in the ground, where essentially you squat or stand. There are no seat's as such but we can tell you that there are great views! Remember, they see a LOT of use, and don't have a daily cleaner!

Long drop public toilet facilities are provided and maintained by the Kilimanjaro National Park.

long drop on kilimanjaro

Private portable toilet

The second option is a private portable toilet. This is a simple chemical toilet or in some cases a bag attached to a toilet drum and seat, that sits inside a private toilet tent (see picture below).

Private toilet on Kilimanjaro

Private toilets are just for you and your group. A porter is tasked with carrying the toilet and toilet tent from camp to camp, and makes sure it is clean and sanitary!

Some Kilimanjaro operators offer private portable toilets as part of their offer, but those that do usually charge $100-$250 to upgrade a climb to include a portable loo. 

Unashamed pitch: all Kandoo climbs come with a private portable toilet as standard. Like every part of our operation, we don't cut corners!

To find out more about our Kilimanjaro climbs feel free to get in touch with one of our destination specialists or visit this page.

Here is a hilarious video of one our clients talking about the long drops on Kilimanjaro. Please note, this video was filmed a few years ago when we used to charge for private toilets.

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