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We firmly believe that good relationships are the core to a sustainable future and we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with our in country teams. Now, as we begin to expand and grow, we want to be able to give back and support the areas of lower economic development that we visit.

Through the Partnership we are donating a sum of money each year to several charities and projects in the countries that we work in to promote the standards of living and create a positive environmental impact in these areas. To learn more about how we are doing this please visit our Kandoo Partnership page.  $10 from each Nepalese booking now goes to our partner charity - Wedoo Foundation Nepal - supporting community projects in Hongong and providing education to children from low economic backgrounds.

In Bhutan, Kandoo have acquired a small plot of land and through the partnership guests who visit Bhutan will each take part in rewilding this space by planting a tree to create our very own Kandoo Forest.

The partnership also sponsors the place of a porter embarking on their guide scheme through Robertson Outdoor Bursary in Tanzania. This is a small fee of $360 per year but can make a huge difference to the livelihoods of the porters who are offered this opportunity.