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Our local agency in Oman

Our base in Oman is in the town of Khasab, near the tip of the Musandam Peninsula and roughly 200km from Dubai. This is the perfect location for launching kayaks to explore the Arabian Fjords or setting off on foot to discover the sharp peaks and deep valleys of the Musandam mountains. Geographically, the peninsula shares many similarities with the fjords of Norway and Greenland and it is often our arctic specialists who will guide you through these blissfully warm and sheltered waters between the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. In Khasab, we keep a wide range of kayaking and camping equipment at our base, although the warm weather means most people will choose to just sleep out under the stars rather than climb into their tents. Our quality kit and expert guides allow us to provide you with a unique experience in this remote and little visited corner of the Middle East.
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Local experiences

  • Kayaking
    Kayaking in Musandam fjords
    Discover a different perspective as you journey and explore beautiful landscapes by kayak
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    Hikers in Thorong, during the Annapurnas Tour
    Our core collection of treks and hikes, through some of the world's most outstanding landscapes
  • Multi-activity
    Batur to Ubud Cycling
    Kandoo Adventures' trips with different activities to enjoy each day

Local agency in Oman


A word from the team

Our adventures in Oman could not be more spontaneous, wild or authentic. Exploring the fjords of Musandam is all about forgetting your normal life back home and getting back to basics. Immersing yourself in a peaceful wilderness where dolphins and turtles glide through the turquoise waters and tiny villages perch on cliff tops far above the fjords. This destination really is food for the soul.