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Kandoo Adventures: June 1st 2020

Our standard hotels in Kathmandu

Mulberry hotelOur standard hotel in Kathmandu is the Hotel Mulberry, a brand new hotel offering excellent standard of accommodation in the centre of Thamel. And with a rooftop pool and bar this is a great place to relax after your trek.

A night before and after your trek is included in all our trek packages. For treks to the Everest region, we include two nights in Kathmandu after the trek to allow some leeway in case the flight from Lukla is delayed.

If you want to upgrade your hotel we offer a range of lovely hotels both in the centre of Thamel and in the quieter suburbs. You can see what we recommend here.

On open group treks we are not able to offer hotel upgrades before the trek as all clients need to be in the same hotel for the pre-trek briefing.

Electrical sockets

There are 2 types of electrical sockets in Nepal – type D which are old UK style (3 round pins) and type C  which are standard European style (2 round pins) – and are 220v, same as the UK. The type D socket is commonly found in India, so any adapter that is suitable for India will be the right size, and a European adaptor will be fine for the type C socket.

Power cuts in Kathmandu

Nepal relies heavily on hydroelectric power which cannot provide a sufficient supply of power. As a result, the electricity is routinely cut for several hours each day to control demand, particularly during the driest months when the rivers are at their lowest and supply drops even further. The schedules for this load-shedding are issued in advance, so your hotel will normally display a timetable of electric cut offs for their district and will try and help as far as they can, but please be patient as these outages are outside their control. 

Getting around

Take care when crossing roads as the traffic may be coming from an unfamiliar direction, and may not stop as expected at pedestrian crossings. When travelling by taxi, make sure it is licensed; ideally ask your hotel to book one for you.

Vehicles and driving standards

The general standard of driving throughout the country is poor and badly regulated. Roads in Kathmandu are very congested, many drivers are not properly licensed and vehicles are poorly maintained. During the monsoon season (June to September) many roads outside the Kathmandu valley are prone to landslides and may become impassable.

We insist on using a high standard of vehicle and driver for all of our transfers. In Nepal it is not a legal requirement to have seatbelts fitted in the back of vehicles, and while we try to use vehicles that do have rear seatbelts fitted, this cannot always be guaranteed. If you are unhappy about any aspect of the vehicle or the standard of driving, please speak to the driver or our local office immediately. 

General notes

Hotel safety

When you arrive at the hotel, take a moment to familiarise yourself with the layout and the procedures in the event of a fire, especially your escape routes and fire exits.

Food and drink

If you choose to eat outside your hotel, use your common sense when selecting where and what to eat, and drink bottled water.


Please keep all money, passport and valuables on your person at all times. Make sure your hotel room is kept locked, even if you just pop out for a few minutes.

Left luggage

Any items you don’t wish to take on the trek with you can be left securely at your pre-trek hotel and collected when you return. Please make sure you have a spare bag for any items you are storing.  

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