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Weather in the Everest region


With Nepal situated in the Northern Hemisphere, its main variations in temperature coincide with the European seasons. Beyond this though, the climate is heavily affected by two main  forces: winds coming over the Bay of Bengal to the south and winds coming from the main Asian continent to its north.

In the summer months, from June to August, the winds coming from the Bay of Bengal dominate, bringing in the South East Asian monsoon. In the winter, from December to February, the winds from the main Asian continent dominate bringing very cold weather. 

You may have read about how critical the timing is for the attempts to climb Everest and this is because there is a very short window when the winds from the North and South cancel each other out creating a period of calm. The variation in wind strength on Everest is shown in the chart opposite. Fortunately conditions lower down are much more benign.

The net result of these continually balancing climate influences are that the average temperatures and rainfall at Everest base camp are below. Of course, in the winter months most of the precipitation at base camp is snow.

Temperatures at Everest base camp

Everest base camp rainfall 








 Affect of altitude on temperature at base camp

 Besides the main climactic factors, which drive the seasonal variations in weather, the other big factor affecting the weather at Everest base camp is the altitude. You can see the altitude profile of the classic Everest trek and the huge monthly difference in temperature compared to Lukla below.

Everest trek altitude profile

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