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Best time to trek in Bhutan

After choosing your route, the second important decision is when to trek. Generally, treks in the Bhutan have two ‘peak’ seasons: February to May and September to November.

The table below provides a general overview of weather conditions by season in Bhutan. 

Seasonal Overview


Coming out of deep winter, the weather and temperature is now improving over most of Nepal. Rain is only occasional, and tends to be brief when it is present. This is the ‘lesser’ peak season, and tends to be less busy than the Autumn. Most Everest climbers arrive at base camp in April or May to begin their attempts on the summit so if you want to see all the activity around the summit attempt this is a good time to travel to Nepal.


June, July and August are the Monsoon season in the Himalaya. As a result, Kandoo does not operate any scheduled treks during this season. If you specifically want to trek in Bhutan during this period we can arrange a private trek for 2 or more people.


September, October and November are the ‘greater’ peak seasons across the Himalaya. Generally a very dry season, when clear skies generally provide easy travel and temperatures are pleasant all day.


The Himalayas lie in the Northern Hemisphere and although relatively far south, in the mountains the winter period is very cold. Most of the trails remain open although some may be subject to short term closures due to snowfall. The exceptions to this are the high passes on the Snowman trek in Bhutan. This is often shut for months at a time so treks  on these do not operate during this period.

Generally, if you choose a trek during this season, make sure to pack warm gear! 


The price of airfare varies sharply with the season. Booking early always helps, as does planning on taking flights that are not during the peak season of September and October.

February to May
sunshine showers icon
As Bhutan moves out of its winter the weather starts to get warmer and showers are generally brief and infrequent. This is a good time to trek with temperatures increasing as you move from February and getting much warmer in April and May. Dry, quiet and getting warmer
June to August
rain icon
With the arrival of the monsoon, temperatures rise, humidity goes through the roof and daily downpours in the afternoon are the norm. Unless you particularly like being wet this is a not the best time to trek. Monsoon season
September to November
sun icon
The busiest trekking season in Bhutan starts in September and lasts into the early days of December when temperatures fall away rapidly. Warm, dry days and clear, chillier nights become the established pattern and rain showers are brief and light.
Warm, dry and clear
December to January
sunshine snow icon
As the days get shorter the temperatures drop dramatically and with increased precipitation there are regular snowfalls which make for beautiful mountains but difficult trails. Trekking at this time of year can be exciting but only with the best of warm weather gear. Cold and frequent showers
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