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Kandoo Adventures: June 1st 2020

Weather in Bhutan

Deciding when to trek is one of the most important decisions you need to make when planning a trip.  Weather will be a big factor in this. Besides this we would recommend that you also think about the other things you might want to do while you are in Bhutan. The  Bhutanese festivals are amazing if they fit in with your schedule.

bhutan temperatures SmallAlthough Bhutan is closer to the Equator than Europe, it is in the Northern Hemisphere and has a severe winter. Nearly all of the country is above 2000m and this makes the effect on temperature of the seasonal changes bigger. As you go higher into the mountains the winter period is very cold. The chart opposite is the temperature in Thimphu, the capital city, which sits in a valley. You can expect it to be a lot colder than this higher up.

Although most of the trails remain open in the Winter, trekking is very difficult and is not recommended as snowfalls make paths slow and dangerous. The high passes on the Snowman trek in Bhutan are particularly affected by snow. Generally, if you choose to trek during this season, make sure to pack warm gear and a very highly rated sleeping bag.

Spring in Bhutan starts to get warmer in the middle of February with temperatures increasing progressively. Rain becomes less frequent with each passing month and  tends to be just short sharp showers. In Bhutan, this is still the quieter period. It is a lot less busy than the Autumn months of September and October. This makes it a great time to visit.


June, July and August are the Monsoon season in Bhutan which means heavy rainfall almost every day. The graph on the left is cm of rainfall on average every month. The graph on the right shows the actual number of days when it rains. During this period, paths turn to mudbaths and leeches appear in their thousands. Kandoo does not operate group treks during this season although we can arrange a private trek for 2 or more people if these are the only dates that fit into your schedule.

Bhutan rainfall Smallrainy days BHUTAN Small


September, October and early November are the most popular months for trekking in Bhutan. As the monsoon passes, temperatures remain quite high but the humidity declines and most days are rain free.  None of the trails ever really get busy, so this is not a concern,  but the main tourist hotspots like the Tiger's Nest will be extremely busy during this period.

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