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How many days are needed

Kandoo offers packages from a little as 8 to as many as 25 days. No matter what scale of trek you want (or at least, can get away for) we can accommodate you.

You need to keep three things in mind when deciding how long you need: time for acclimatisation, the risk of flight delays or cancellations, and the cost of additional nights in Bhutan.


Everyone wants to get as much ‘real’ trekking in as possible right away, and we understand that. Nonetheless, you will need to get used to exerting yourself at high altitudes before you are going to be able to trek in Bhutan.

To account for the high altitude start point we provide two rest days in Paro and a hike up to the Tiger's Nest Monastery which sits at 3200m before all of our shorter Bhutanese treks. This gives you time to acclimatise to the higher altitudes you will experience on your trek.

All our itineraries have been tested to ensure that healthy people of average fitness can complete our treks within the listed times. If you are quite confident of your fitness and ability to acclimatise quickly, we can arrange a private trek with a substantially shortened itinerary. Alternatively, we can arrange private treks which include extra rest days if you are new to long-distance trekking or are less certain of your overall fitness.

Delays on flights

Kandoo’s trek itineraries do take acclimatisation days into account, but we do not allow for flight delays or cancellations. As a result, we strongly advise you to include as much flexibility as possible into your travel plans, and try to arrive early (and be prepared to leave late) so that delays won’t spoil your trek. The extra time can easily be spent sight-seeing in Paro, which is something most travellers would want to do in any case.

We do, of course, provide as much assistance as we possibly can in the event of flight delays, but we cannot compensate you for any losses or expenses due to weather or flight problems.  If there should be any flight issues which cause your trek itinerary to be delayed or shortened, any additional expenses are your responsibility and need to be paid locally. Where possible, we will re-arrange any pre-booked hotel rooms to alternative nights, but if you need to stay extra nights in Paro, these rooms will be an additional cost. We therefore recommend that you check your travel insurance terms carefully, as that can be a life saver if delays cause extra expenses.

Cost of additional nights

Unfortunately arranging extra days in Bhutan isn't as simple as just booking a hotel room. In keeping with the Tourism Council of Bhutan's policy of "High Value, Low Impact" tourism, a Minimum Daily Package is required for tourists, which can range from $250-$350 per person per night, depending on how many people are in your group. The package rate covers standard hotel accommodation, all meals, all internal transport (excluding flights), entrance fees to museums and monasteries and the services of a tour guide for the duration of your stay.


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