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Corporate Team Challenges - Do They Work?

The thought of spending quality time outside of the work place environment with people you work with, customers, investors or suppliers can seem on the face of it a self-imposed version of purgatory for some. Those more enlightened souls see the opportunity value embedded in such an undertaking and embrace it, concluding that the scale of benefit derived is worth so much more than the effort.

To explain.

Most businesses or organisations function according to a set of established rules, processes and strategies to deliver a service or product that has value to the end user. The extent to which those levers are applied, generally determines the outcome efficiency and quality of the product or service, but largely ignores the effectiveness of the group of individuals charged with the execution and delivery.

Teamwork, cooperation, working together all have a place, indeed most of the corporate world is solidly built with some cornerstone foundation in place representing at least some aspect of this.

However, real teams, teams that can truly work together are built elsewhere outside of the boardrooms, offices and shopfloors of the modern workplace. They are forged, as for hundreds of years of evolutionary practices gone before, through adversity, challenge and the achievement of a common purpose objective.

If you can relate to that concept, I have an example for you to consider.

Several years ago, charged with the recovery of a failing private equity backed enterprise in the insurance services sector the opportunity arose to clear down the paradigms built by the previous regime, to engage with employees, franchisees, customers and investors in a single event with a charitable purpose.

I chose the ascent of Kilimanjaro as the vehicle, Asthma UK as the beneficiary and Kandoo Adventures as the provider.

This unlikely group comprised of 15 women and men, an age range from 21 – 58 and an experience level of ‘not very much!’

What transpired, to a large extent was unexpected. The passion for fundraising and training for the event became infectious across the group resulting in a number of test runs in varying locations. The bonds already forming between individuals who would never normally cross paths, generating below the hubble bubble of trekking talk, a deep level of understanding of where each stood in the organisational endeavour and the impact that could be brought to bear through action and personal responsibility.

corporate team challenges 1

This group summited bar 1, and what started as an adventure focused charity climb served its purpose in uniting a food chain in support of much more than the stated objective. Enduring relationships were built and have stood the test of time. Ambassadors were created throughout the organisations, used relentlessly to dispel the legacy ‘us and them’ culture in pursuit of a more collegiate atmosphere where the transposition of a common goal became the focus.

Result. A success. Business results up, customer loyalty strengthened, investor support strong, Asthma UK delighted and the summiting climbers gifted a story to tell and the realisation that they indeed are part of a TEAM.

This entry was written by Andrew Lloyd-Jones , posted in General and posted on March 16, 2017

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