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Capturing The Beauty Of Our Earth – The Top 7 Instagram Accounts That Will WOW You by Burnham Arlidge 2nd September 2015 Best instagram accounts for beauty of the world images

Capturing The Beauty Of Our Earth – The Top 7 Instagram Accounts That Will WOW You

These Instagramers feature the best pictures from the best photographers all over the world to produce accounts that are simply spectacular. If you think you have what it takes to get featured on one of their accounts then just hashtag their name and you'll be in with a chance.

Inspiring adventure

Let these Instagramers inspire you to travel to corners of the globe untrodden and to follow your feet on the next adventure that comes your way.

1. @Earthpix

It's easy to see why Earthpix have over 4 million followers. Beautiful images of places, nature and people make it one of the best accounts on Instagram to see Mother Nature at her greatest. Follow to get inspired!


2. @travelandleisure

The world's leading travel magazine has made an Instagram account to inspire its readers. The stunning shots comprise of images taken from all four corners of the globe and it's a real treat to browse through them and feel jealous! Check out their website at


3. @Beautifuldestinations

A staggeringly gorgeous collection of photos. If you have a love of earth and nature then Beautifuldestinations is one account you cannot miss. Its wide array of glorious images has gained it over 4 million followers! Check out their website at


4. @Travelawesome

Travelawesome is a very cool travel page with an eclectic mix of beautiful, funny and classic images from around the world. If you want to be inspired to get your camera out and start shooting, this is the page to follow.


5. @Earthfocus

With gorgeous photos of nature, people and places, Earthfocus is an account not to be overlooked. Earthfocus also feature a fair amount of combined and edited pictures that make for some seriously cool shots!


6. @Theglobewanderer

Theglobewanderer provide an incredible array of awesome shots from all over the globe. These include not only landscape images, but some brilliant portrait and animal shots.


7. @Earthofficial

Earthofficial share stunning pictures of the planet to raise awareness for the environment. With such a noble cause and such incredible pictures, this is one account you need to follow.


If you would like to check out some of the great photos on our own account then please just head to

We hope you have enjoyed our list and you've been inspired to grab your camera and head into the unknown. Keep travelling happy.

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